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  1. I think Evernote should reconsider its decision on a Linux client. First, Evernote has a really good reputation as just plain good people and a good company that I believe is quite deserved. So in keeping with that it seems certain they would like to have even more happy users. Some of us using Linux at least some of the time and would be even happier customers if there was a Linux client. Second, there are many in the community that have this need that would be delighted to write this client as open source or even as proprietary given just enough support or API access to do so. It would not have to cost Evernote much at all to have this client built. If it is open source, it would not even cost Evernote much to have it maintained. So in light of even better community positive response and incurring little extra cost and delighting many more users this seems to me a very clear win-win. So what is the thinking that would decide it otherwise? BTW, why doesn't someone actually from Evernote comment on this request?
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