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(Archived) Forum Suggestion: Evernote for Newbies

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Hi I've just joined and figured I'd just jump in.

I've installed EN on my various gadgets (Android phone, Tablet, Blackberry work phone, Work PC, Home PC) and am looking for appropriate uses. In the course I've generated a few questions, but this forum is a pretty daunting place for a newcomer. So just a suggestion, how about a "shallow end" for those of us who aren't yet conversant in the local dialect?

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Evernote offers a lot of services for new users. Just roll up your sleeves and spend some time reviewing the existing information.

By the way, the beginner-type questions usually get answered the fastest.

Besides this user forum, you can also find a lot of tips at:





User Guides


Evernote Support


Evernote Blog


Evernote podcast


Ron's Evernote tips



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Well, we are a pretty easy-going bunch of people here. Most of the time someone will be hapy to answer your questions, even if they are on the beginner's end. This current BB will be revamped in the future, there might be a "beginner's corner" soon.

Anyway, welcome to the Club :)


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In addition to the tips above you can also buy a great guidebook for EN beginners. It is called "Evernote Esentials", written by Brett Kelly, who is now working for EN.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with this recommendation.

"Evernote Essentials" is, IMO, far from "great", and certainly not worth the $25 asking price.

I bought it as a newbie, and was very disappointed.

Furthermore, it is now way out of date, as it was written for the Win 3.5 vesrion and the Mac 1.x version of Evernote.

Don't waste your money.

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Sorry to jump in but I cannot find out how to ask a question on any forum except by replying.

I am new to Evernote and hate it. I cannot make anything work. I want to start by scanning documents and filing them. I don't want to spend $600 bucks on a scanner as I already pay for a very large scanner on my floor (shared with 20 other users).

I also want to save documents onto evernote from email. That seems impossible too.

This is very frustrating for me as I do not know anyone who uses Evernote. It's the third time I've tried (wasting hours each time). all looks lovely until you start trying to use it!


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Once you have scanned your documents you can add them to Evernote.

You have an Evernote email address that you can send things to.

Not quite sure why you find either of these things very hard?

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As with most technical queries, Google (or your alternative search engine of choice) is your first and easiest friend in the event of queries. You might have to wade through quite a few web pages to find the information you need, but you can generally find anything out there. This search gets you 21,000-and-change hits forinstance.. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=how+do ... mages&tbs=

-and if the actual pages don't help, the sites are often gateways to lots more general information that may be useful.

And if that fails, or you need an answer quickly, then (as a few folks have said above) post a question here! We're (mostly) friendly...

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Sorry to jump in but I cannot find out how to ask a question on any forum except by replying.

Go to the top of the forum most appropriate to your query, and click on the button labeled "New Topic". Please ask your questions there.

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