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  1. I, too, would like a bar code scanner. I take pictures of books that I want to read, make a note and link it to the master to read note. Using bar codes would make that easier. Also, my daughter is a big reader and I can't remember all the books she has read. I could scan each book she reads and add it to her Books Read Note in EN so I can check, while shopping or at the library, as to the status. It would help with tracking your home inventory. Just scan everything that comes in that is not a consummable. You would have pricing available, product details, etc. You could then add the receipt, manual, a photo of the object, whatever and you'd be ready for the insurance adjuster after a loss. Of course, you'd still have to add old data but what a great way to keep track of all future purchases. I'm sure there are many more uses. If Evernote is to be a repository for our important data and data we want to easily access and not lose then adding barcode scanner capabilities would be a great addition. What uses can you think of?
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