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37% price increase??

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Just got a notification from the App Store that my monthly Evernote pricing will increase by 37%. Is this the "reward" for loyal customers in the Bending Spoon acquisition? (Been an Evernote customer since -- jeesh, 2009 I think. (That even possible??) Anyway - this is the move that will finally just push me to Notes as my storage app. I get incremental price increases, but raising prices by over a third is a way to lose customers. I suppose someone in Finance did the math and said that net of churn induced by the increase, Evernote comes out ahead. I just don't see (or maybe don't use) functionalities that aren't essentially commoditized to justify that kind of spend. Is the goal to create a more differentiated, premium product? Might be smart business in the long run, but Evernote, you're losing this customer -- and other than native apps, you've been on my phone longer than any other app! Bummer!

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Your loyalty (as mine) exists ‚til the end of the current subscription period. 

If the value provided and the price charged are not in balance any more, be loyal to yourself (or to your wallet).

Alternatives have been discussed here and in other places, including the existing options to make a move.

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Are you on Plus or legacy Premium? These two plans have had a price increase for the first time since they were created. Of course you should decide what price is worthwhile for you. But I would also argue that Evernote has made a rock for its bed by not increasing prices incrementally more regularly. Everything else I subscribe to goes up annually but Evernote rolls on - mostly without increase. 

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I'm a legacy Evernote Plus subscriber whose subscription cost will be increasing by 49% to CAD $73.49, effective my renewal date of May 29. Last year, the Evernote subscription cost went up only 5% on the renewal date, from CAD $46.99 to CAD $49.34. And as many of you are aware, the cost of some annual Evernote subscription plans did not increase for several years.

In a recent Twitter exchange I had with @EvernoteHelps, the account, in answer to my question about how much notice the company would provide paid users whose subscriptions would cost more on their next renewal date, indicated that users should receive an email notification 14 days beforehand -- please see https://twitter.com/evernotehelps/status/1628138450284122124?s=20. I never received such an email notification last year, but perhaps many users have. 

If you go to the Billing section of your account, you should see a notice about the price of your current subscription plan increasing on your next billing date -- I did, at least, on the mobile app; your mileage may vary. My concern is that many users, not accustomed to checking the Billing section months before their subscription renews, may find themselves scrambling when finding out only two weeks beforehand that their subscription cost will be going up significantly. Knowing now that I have more than 3 months to think about this, I do not see my situation as dire.

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EN wants to keep the distance between the plans (current and grandfathered) the same, in the $ amount (or equivalent in other currencies). Since the current plans go up as well, the grandfathered plans do the same - but the rise in percentage is far bigger.

Anybody should know how much value he gets, and how much he is willing to pay. If the new range exceeds the value, it’s the user who can (and should) take action.

About the notification: It may depend on the payment method if and when a notification is send. I handle my subscription through my Apple account - so I get my notifications from the AppStore.

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That’s exactly what I proposed, if you have a plan B that supports your use cases.

In different currencies the price increases hit different levels. They try to keep their dollar income stable (or better: raised to the new levels). So in all cases where the currency relations have changed, the increase may be steeper, sometimes a lot steeper.

No idea where this will go - the EN subscription is starting to get more costly than a full O365 sub. I think they need to be very convinced about their offering to target this level.

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