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  1. Yet another person who thinks the highlighter needs to be many different colours. We're working from home and I'm making notes of meetings being held remotely. I need something to differentiate points in my notes. I have thousands of notes in Evernote, mostly clippings. I will be using it even more during this time, and this most basic of functionality should already be there. It's been requested for YEARS.
  2. So make it an option that you can choose to enable or disable. Just yesterday I realised that I clipped about four different notes that I had already previously clipped months ago. Clearly, I need this option to be enabled.
  3. I tend to clip a lot of recipes and also a lot of teaching strategies. Often, I clip them because I know I want to come back to them later. After I've clipped them, they will provide some report on similar items, and I will often realise that I've already clipped the same post in the past. I wish, if nothing else, that it analysed existing notes and warned that this exact item has already been clipped previously, before going ahead and doing it!
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