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  1. EdH, A thanks to you too for your tip. As a result, I discovered I can also change the syncing behaviour for my shared notebooks.
  2. gazumped, Thanks for that description and explanation. The total size of the two .EXB files is currently about 13,700,000 KB, or 13.06 GB -- there is the answer to my first question. Thank you too for the tip about what to do in the future -- there is the answer to my second question. Lessons learned.
  3. This past Sunday night (January 20), I downloaded EN for Windows after not having used it for years (back then it was on another laptop), and then, within the just-downloaded desktop app, I signed in to the first of my two EN accounts. The first-time sync for this first account took approximately four hours, during which I occasionally monitored the progress; there were no sync failures. When I got up in the morning (January 21), I signed in to my second account and let the first-time sync happen -- again, this sync took several hours, and there were no sync failures. This first account has a total of approximately 7,200 notes spread out among my main notebook (approx. 5,500 notes) and eight stacked notebooks. There is also a shared notebook that is the main notebook for the second account. The second account has a total of approximately 10,800 notes spread out among my main notebook (approx. 6,100 notes) and seven stacked notebooks. There is also a shared notebook that is the main notebook for the first account. Normally, our household Internet usage is just less than 1 GB a day on average; sometimes a bit more -- rarely double -- but very often less. As you'll see from the screencap below, the usage for January 21 is inordinately high. The sync for the first account, which took about four hours, involved about two and one half hours on January 21 (from midnight to 2:30 am); the sync for the second account, which took about the same total length of time, involved about four hours from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on the same day. The archived thread found at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88106-data-usage/ provides some advice I will follow in the future, but the questions I have are as follows: 1. Would the first-time syncing of my two EN accounts have resulted in approximately 12 GB of Internet download usage? (My ISP sometimes has issues with the accuracy of Internet usage statistics, including how they are displayed when checking them within one's account.) 2. Now that the first-time syncing is out of the way, do I need to exercise caution at other times to ensure that the Internet download usage isn't as high as it was this past Monday? What tips do you have for minimizing the download usage? Any other thoughts, suggestions, and feedback are welcome. Thanks in advance for any replies. Â
  4. I'm posting in this thread so as not to create extra ones relating to tag issues. 1. Are other users having problems adding a tag -- doesn't matter whether an existing or brand-new one -- to select notes? Referring to the first attached screenshot below, I cannot add a tag where the arrow is. Normally, in this area of the tags, the cursor that is a pointed arrow will turn into an I-beam pointer, and then there would be a blinking vertical bar here after clicking; however, the cursor doesn't turn into an I-beam pointer, and I can't click in this area at all for this particular note. Additionally, when the cursor that is a pointed arrow hovers above the icon that you see circled in the screenshot, the cursor normally turns into the hand icon, but for this particular note, the cursor stays the same. Both in the older web client and in Evernote for Windows, I have been able to add a tag to this note. 2. Is there no way to edit tags in the new Evernote Web? Referring to the second attached screenshot below, which I took after selecting "Tags" on the left-side panel, I do not see how or where to edit tags. The screenshot shows the result of hovering over the tag under the "A" and then clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the tag -- I had hoped there would be an option here to edit the tag. Thanks in advance for any replies or feedback. Using Google Chrome, v.71.0.3578.98 Windows 10 Home v.1803 ASUS Model N56 Laptop
  5. If one's Chrome Extensions show that the version of Evernote Web Clipper being used is 7.2.1, what might be responsible for Chrome not updating to 7.3? Any steps I should take? Thanks in advance.
  6. ^^^^ Chantal, does Evernote know when version 7.3 will be made available in the Chrome Web Store and otherwise made available as an update? Thanks in advance.
  7. Not sure whether the tag issues that started approximately a week ago are related to the new Web Clipper version or are strictly related to the tagging function. Regardless of what I try to clip—article, simplified article, full page, etc.—I experience the following issues during the web clip: After I create each new tag—I am creating more than one tag for the web clip—only the first tag I create is saved along with the clip. I later realized that just before saving, this sole tag is the only one visible between the oval "Add tag" field and the "Add remark" section. As above, but none of the new tags I create is saved along with the clip. After I try to tag by using a combination of existing and newly created tags, only the existing tags are saved along with the clip. After I try to tag by using only existing tags—more than one—only the first existing tag is saved along with the clip. After I try to tag by using a single existing tag or a single newly created tag, neither is saved along with the clip. Evernote Web Clipper v.7.2.1 Google Chrome v.66.0.3359.170
  8. This remedy worked for my free Basic account, but when I tried to do the same for my Plus account, I got the error dialog box again (the one that another poster took a screenshot of--see earlier in this thread). Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.1 Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m Windows 10 Home v. 1607
  9. BurgersNFries, aussiebob, Scott: Thank you all for your replies. I have submitted a ticket to EN Support. If instructed to delete the app and reinstall it, I will. Perhaps the problem Scott and I are each having is a bug with v.7.2.1? Incidentally, my problem note is a clip of a webpage. The links on the captured webpage are operational.
  10. Turning the device off is not the same as a reboot. You also said you rebooted but the steps you mentioned are not a reboot. Did you reboot by getting the red ribbon that you slide in order to power off...??? I'll try to be clearer this time around. 1. I had already tried the following before posting here on the forum: Going to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings, entering my passcode, waiting for the network settings to reset, entering my passcode, and re-opening the EN app to see whether I can exit the note--I have been unable to do so. 2. I had already tried the following before posting here on the forum: Holding down the On-off/Sleep-wake button, waiting for the red slider ribbon to appear, sliding it to power the device completely off, turning the device on again, and re-opening the EN app to see whether I can exit the note--I have been unable to do so. I think I understand now what you meant by a reboot--thank you for that--so I've held down the On-off/Sleep-wake button at the same time as the Home button, waited for the screen to go black, and waited for the Apple logo to appear on the screen before entering my passcode. Unfortunately, the reboot did not rectify the problem after re-opening the EN app. Was I on the right track by thinking that one or both of the two steps I took might correct the problem? Additional edit: I realize you and I may be using terms like "reboot" to mean different things and I trust you are more likely right in your use of the terms. I find the variance in how terms are used to be confusing, and if the Apple site is any guide, sliding the red slider ribbon to the right and then turning the device on again seems to be known as a restart. Go figure. :-)
  11. Resetting network connections is not rebooting the device. Reboot by holding down the power button for a while. A red ribbon will appear that you slide to power completely off. Then turn the device back on. As my original post indicated, I have already tried turning the device off and then back on: "I have also tried powering down the device and then turning it on."
  12. All: I clicked on a link within an existing EN note and I have been unable to exit this particular note and navigate to another screen. There is a Done button/link in the upper-left corner, but touching this button/link doesn't go back to a previous screen or allow me to exit the note.The app is "stuck" because of this one note. Twice I have tried rebooting my device by going to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings but when I re-opened the EN app, it went directly to the aforementioned note. I have also tried powering down the device and then turning it on, and again, the EN app opens to this stubborn note. Refreshing the note by touching the appropriate icon in the bottom bar doesn't rectify the problem. Nor does trying any of the numerous options available after touching the icon on the right side of the bottom bar--such options include sharing the note via iMessages, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as copying, printing, saving to Evernote, adding to Reading List, and opening in Safari. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Evernote v. 7.2.1 iOS 7.0.4 iPod touch 5th generation
  13. All: I don't know whether EN users still have trouble easily obtaining a list of their tags to print but I just came across a very simple workaround out of necessity -- I want to use a number of my tags in my one EN account for use in my second EN account. I'm currently at a library and am using one of its computers; so I'm using Evernote on the web interface, without the ability to use any type of clipper because the library computers don't permit installation of software. I'm using Firefox as the browser. Dragging the mouse over the tags that are visible on the screen, I discovered that all the tags -- even those not visible -- were selected. I then right-clicked on the area of the screen where notes are displayed or created, selecting Save Page As... from the menu. I saved my selection as a Text File (*.txt, *.text), opened the file, and found that all the tags were in the text file, along with some text I don't need. Regardless, I was able to select all the tags and was able to copy and paste them into a new note. I tried saving the selected tags as a Web Page, HTML Only, but I didn't have success -- this doesn't mean you won't.
  14. Hello, again. At the end of my one-month Premium membership that was due to expire last Thursday, May 2, I ran into the same problem regarding upload-allowance expiry and the resetting of my usage allotment to 0. There are also some additional problems this time around, so I'm not sure whether to open a single ticket for all of these or whether to open separate tickets — your advice in this regard would be much appreciated, as I'm worried about overwhelming EN Support reps by detailing everything in one ticket. I'd be glad to elaborate in this thread if an EN Employee or Evangelist needs me to but I don't want this post and any of my ensuing posts to have a bellyaching tone. I'd rather open a ticket or tickets and then return to this thread only if I'm still stuck or if I want to offer some insights. Thank you in advance.
  15. Evernote has resolved this issue to my great satisfaction. Thank you very much to jefito and gbarry for the intervention. I have instructed Evernote Support to close the ticket.
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