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  1. EdH, A thanks to you too for your tip. As a result, I discovered I can also change the syncing behaviour for my shared notebooks.
  2. gazumped, Thanks for that description and explanation. The total size of the two .EXB files is currently about 13,700,000 KB, or 13.06 GB -- there is the answer to my first question. Thank you too for the tip about what to do in the future -- there is the answer to my second question. Lessons learned.
  3. This past Sunday night (January 20), I downloaded EN for Windows after not having used it for years (back then it was on another laptop), and then, within the just-downloaded desktop app, I signed in to the first of my two EN accounts. The first-time sync for this first account took approximately four hours, during which I occasionally monitored the progress; there were no sync failures. When I got up in the morning (January 21), I signed in to my second account and let the first-time sync happen -- again, this sync took several hours, and there were no sync failures. This first account ha
  4. I'm posting in this thread so as not to create extra ones relating to tag issues. 1. Are other users having problems adding a tag -- doesn't matter whether an existing or brand-new one -- to select notes? Referring to the first attached screenshot below, I cannot add a tag where the arrow is. Normally, in this area of the tags, the cursor that is a pointed arrow will turn into an I-beam pointer, and then there would be a blinking vertical bar here after clicking; however, the cursor doesn't turn into an I-beam pointer, and I can't click in this area at all for this particular note. Addit
  5. If one's Chrome Extensions show that the version of Evernote Web Clipper being used is 7.2.1, what might be responsible for Chrome not updating to 7.3? Any steps I should take? Thanks in advance.
  6. ^^^^ Chantal, does Evernote know when version 7.3 will be made available in the Chrome Web Store and otherwise made available as an update? Thanks in advance.
  7. Not sure whether the tag issues that started approximately a week ago are related to the new Web Clipper version or are strictly related to the tagging function. Regardless of what I try to clip—article, simplified article, full page, etc.—I experience the following issues during the web clip: After I create each new tag—I am creating more than one tag for the web clip—only the first tag I create is saved along with the clip. I later realized that just before saving, this sole tag is the only one visible between the oval "Add tag" field and the "Add remark" section. As above, bu
  8. This remedy worked for my free Basic account, but when I tried to do the same for my Plus account, I got the error dialog box again (the one that another poster took a screenshot of--see earlier in this thread). Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.1 Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m Windows 10 Home v. 1607
  9. All: I don't know whether EN users still have trouble easily obtaining a list of their tags to print but I just came across a very simple workaround out of necessity -- I want to use a number of my tags in my one EN account for use in my second EN account. I'm currently at a library and am using one of its computers; so I'm using Evernote on the web interface, without the ability to use any type of clipper because the library computers don't permit installation of software. I'm using Firefox as the browser. Dragging the mouse over the tags that are visible on the screen, I discovered that a
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