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What will we NOT see with an Electron based Evernote?

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1 hour ago, dvollc said:

Can anyone share what feature/functions we can NOT expect with Evernote due to it being Electron based?

There have been a few definite drop-outs like local (unsynced) notebooks which will not be coming back to Evernote AFAIK*.  I don't think this is wholly an electron thing though - features like mapping got dropped because "there were very few users" - and this was before v10.  Evernote introduced the new version on the basis that it would start very basic and add more features back as it progressed.  We don't know whether they've exhausted the supply of older features due for a rebirth - more may be in the pipeline. 

Some features - like we discovered today that copy and paste doesn't currently work on the notes list in Desktop,  while it does still work in Legacy - may have been left out due to mistake,  and might be corrected when reported...

There are a lot of very comprehensive products out there based on Electron - there's a downside sure;  you have two app overheads to get around on implementation;  but having abandoned 'native' OD coding to revamp the entire product to depend entirely on this framework,  Evernote don't have an escape clause that I can see...

*the AFAIK caveat applies to anything here.  Evernote notoriously do not share their thoughts and plans

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Scripting is apparently disallowed by Electron, and in general any attempt to act on Evernote from the outside. E.g., I can save a link to a note on the Windows desktop, but clicking it opens the note in the full Evernote app, not in a separate window is in the legacy app.

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Maybe Bending Spoon will not accept this version of Evernote and rewrite it haha. But part of the problem is that Evernote themselves wrote more lines for the app to make it slow and batter hog.

Other companies which have electrons had to rewrite again and again.

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4 hours ago, dvollc said:

I understand Evernote v10 is leveraging the Electron software development framework in efforts to have a single code base across different operating systems. I assume it was believed the advantages outweighed the disadvantages in using this framework.

Can anyone share what feature/functions we can NOT expect with Evernote due to it being Electron based?

Since we have had v10 using Electron for more than two years I think we have a good indication of the direction of travel. We know that collaborative editing is in beta and Outlook 365 calendar links will be in beta next month. We don't know what won't be arriving other than this things that haven't arrived and are well documented such as local folders. The rest is conjecture.

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