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DVORAK keyboard text shortcuts do not all work

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There has been a long standing issue I have experienced as a DVORAK user with keyboard shortcuts not working.  

This has been mostly remedied; however; all text formatting shortcuts (apart from Bold) do not work with the DVORAK layout. It would be good to get Italic and Underline working (at least).

I have tested and reverted to QUERTY and have confirmed they work with QUERTY layout. 

I know we are a small user subset, but we are very efficient, and this has been ongoing ever since the new version was in beta.  Please fix it. 

Can anyone else confirm this?

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I am not schooled in the ways of DVORAK use (so please pardon my ignorance of what may be a dumb question), but it sounds to me like you might be using some software to map a QWERTY keyboard to a DVORAK-based layout? Or are you using an actual DVORAK hardware keyboard?

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DVORAK is not even a small subset of users, it is a practically non existent percentage.

Personally I doubt it will ever be implemented - and personally I am convinced adding that extra loops just adds complexity and bugs for all, only to please a few. There is nothing to be fixed, because it is no supported feature. 

Of course you can be of a different opinion. To reach out for EN PM, you can use the feedback function build into the clients.

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You may be right. 

If it is happening with DVORAK, it is likely happening with other (non standard key bindings).  

I do find it interesting that Bold short cut and other short cuts work (Cntrl, Shift + l - for copying a link).  To me it smells a bit like regression wasn't completed thoroughly. 

Anyway, thanks for the reply.  I'll drop it into the feedback section and hopefully...it'll creep up the backlog.  


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From doing a little reading this morning, it sounds like most DVORAK typists use a physical QWERTY keyboard with the DVORAK mapping (for lots of reasons), so it sounds like switching to a physical DVORAK keyboard is probably a non starter for most -- but I'm guessing that would probably fix the issue.

The reason for it is probably something related to this: https://github.com/Automattic/simplenote-electron/issues/2091, but that's just a wild guess.

I think it's good to post and comment and ask for feedback like that in this forum. Maybe others with DVORAK will see it and comment too.

Are you able to submit a support ticket for it? Like PinkElephant says, it's probably going to be way down on their priority list because of user base size that experience that issue, but they might be able to look at it at some point.

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