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Please tell us what's in the latest update...



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So today my system started up and...


OK - I just went through startup and opened three or four apps ready for the  day,  but there's nothing going on that I can't get back to in 10 minutes,  and all updates are important;  I'll make time for this one. 

A few minutes later - 


Hmmn.  Pretty certain that I saw that same text with 10.38.1 and 10.38.2.  Looks like more bug fixes (good) but nothing major (annoying).  And I just looped through the last 15 minutes of my day for this.

Wouldn't it be nice if the first notice had some sort of priority flag? 

  • 🔥High - 'do this now' important bug fixes and major feature upgrades; 
  • Medium - new features you may have been waiting for 
  • 🛌 Low - run-of-the-mill bug fixes that could be left to some free time?

It might avoid the "well, that was a waste of time" feeling I have at the moment...  ;)

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June 7 Update: we have released a patch for 10.38.3. This resolves a sporadic issue that prevented customers from loading the application after auto-update. 

You were correct... A bug release dealing with the issue that stopped some users launching the application. I guess a pretty key release...

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4 hours ago, gazumped said:

Wouldn't it be nice if the first notice had some sort of priority flag?

I think they'd have to add a bit of logic to make that priority flag applicable.

The notice would look quite different if you were upgrading from 10.31 to 10.38.2 vs upgrading from just 10.38.1 to 10.38.2. It's the same new version for both cases, but different priority flags depending on which version you are currently on.

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That's right, we have pushed out a patch to fix a sporadic failure to load that some customers were reporting. 

For the irksome repeat notification--we are looking into improving this experience. Prioritization UI is a good idea, I'll look into it. 

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