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cannot open office files on Android

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On 3/27/2022 at 10:11 AM, chawki said:

cannot open office files on Android

Just tried it and not working for me either, although I work with office files so rarely these days that I don't remember if it ever worked in v10 mobile. What I see is a full screen blank page with a dialog box in the middle saying to save the file offline. Is that what you're seeing, too?

As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be a way to save the file offline that I can see. I'll try to include a screenshot below of the error:



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I used to be able to view excel spreadsheets simply by selecting them in Evernote. Now it says "Can't open this document" with a note under that saying "This file isn't available offline. Make file "Available offline" in the files' options menu."

How do I make the file available offline?

Why do the files not open directly anymore? Do I need another app installed on my phone to view the excel files?

This also happens with word documents.


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On my iPhone an Excel-spreadsheet opened with a tap on the attachment without any problem, but in a viewer, not in the Excel app. EN iOS 10.29, iOS 15.4.

Probably this is an iOS feature, borrowed from there, not build into the EN app itself. It looks similar when I have an Email with an Office file and opens it in the Mail client.

No idea for Android. Maybe somebody can give it a try. Or ask support.

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On my Android device, I can click on a Word document and the Word app for Android opens.  However, the document doesn't display inside the Word app. I have to download the document and then open from the device storage.

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