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Tables scroll to the left, but not back to the right.

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Tables scroll to the left, but not to the right.  When I attempt to scroll to the right the app drags back to the Home Page.  This is not correct. I should be able to drag left and right on tables that exceed the width of the screen.


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This error is due to a developer simply not paying attention and in too much of a hurry.  There's no excuse for this type of error in an app that costs what Evernote does.

Yes, your workaround allows me to see the entire table -- at the expense of changing the width of the table permanently even on the desktop client.  Now, on the desktop client, the table is super narrow and looks ridiculous.  So I either am in a perpetual cycle of adapt-width-resize or I'm stuck with a table that is simply broken. I can assure you, with tables being a key document/note building block, this is a terrible reflection on the Evernote developers.


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Maybe another workaround: I noticed that when you grab the table and first move it a little to the left and than without releasing the finger from screen directly move to the right, the table is moved correctly to the right. It is than not read as a note gesture. But you are right, such things don't happen on paying customers. Maybe using the old EN8.13.3 could do you some peace of mind - as it does for me. The new features are not worth the pain on Android in any way.

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I'm also having this problem. I would like if there was a feature that allowed for the 'swipe left to go home' function to be turned on and off as I keep accidentally closing notes when scrolling through documents. It's quite frustrating and has made the app hard to use

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My daughter and I just discovered this issue. We were sharing a note which contained a table. The table was created in a desktop app but we were then viewing in Android. The content in the table did not wrap to the mobile view so we had to drag the note window to view the content. Dragging back to see the left side of the the now pops open the list of all notes with no means of just viewing the left edge of the original note. It seems to be a strangeness in function.

Our work around... Tap in the note above the table first (entering edit mode) then it is possible to drag the table left and right.

Evernote 10.15 for Android

Android 11




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