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  1. Don't know if this will stay as part of this forum, but as of a few weeks ago, I made the move from Evernote to OneNote (after having paid for an EN subscription since 2008, though I haven't officially cancelled my subscription to EN just yet [better safe than sorry]). So far all is going very well. In particular, editing notes is much cleaner (formatting is far more reliable). The window is much less cluttered (and without excessive amounts of white space and giant fonts), outlining works much much better, note organization is better I think. Capturing from the web isn't as good, but that's a very small part of what I do and so for what I amount I do capture OneNote works just fine. The Android clients are on par -- mostly. Again, OneNote seems to be more reliable with formatting (which is essentially basic outlining, bold, and underscore, for me). I've had the EN Android client append taken photos -- to a note that already contained photos -- all over the place within the note. OneNote client doesn't seem to have this issue. Evernote sure had a chance to own this market but it doesn't appear they listened, or cared, about what their longtime customers had to say.
  2. The web interface is simply not usable to me. It's beyond frustrating and has me, again, seeking a better solution for real, productive, hard-core, note-taking and information gathering. I'm sure the interface has been reviewed as "fresh" and "friendly" and such. But is it really? So much white space, so much wasted room, so little of *my* data, fonts are GIANT, etc. As has been said in this thread earlier, my desktop IS NOT a tablet or Android device/iPhone. I do hope you guys realize that once Google Keep gets tags and some real organizational features that their much simpler interface and denser presentation of information (though still not perfect) is going to greatly affect your business. I've tired to use Evernote since early 2008 and it has always proved to be too bulky and non-intuitive. This newest update is no different -- it's shallow, too cute, and, most importantly, I still can't get to my information easily.
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