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  1. For me, having separate widgets for tasks (date based) and calendar (date based) is not as useful as a widget with tasks and events merged together. Additionally, you guys may be much busier than I am, but I don't live in world where I have so many appointments day-to-day that I need to see only one day in the calendar view. I also need an agenda view of x number of entries, of how many days will fit, of both dated tasks and calendar events combined.
  2. This error is due to a developer simply not paying attention and in too much of a hurry. There's no excuse for this type of error in an app that costs what Evernote does. Yes, your workaround allows me to see the entire table -- at the expense of changing the width of the table permanently even on the desktop client. Now, on the desktop client, the table is super narrow and looks ridiculous. So I either am in a perpetual cycle of adapt-width-resize or I'm stuck with a table that is simply broken. I can assure you, with tables being a key document/note building block, this is a terrible reflection on the Evernote developers.
  3. Tables scroll to the left, but not to the right. When I attempt to scroll to the right the app drags back to the Home Page. This is not correct. I should be able to drag left and right on tables that exceed the width of the screen.
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