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F2 to change any note property inside a note list



Background: A note list is configurable and sortable by note properties like title, dates, notebook and so on... It's the perfect tool to search and order masses of notes.

Use case: During gardening work on such note masses, I want to set created day, reminder time, note title, notebook and even tags of notes to specific values. But therefore I have to go to the note editing window...

User Story: I want to change all note properties inline within a note list - like we all know it from other grids like Excel. I want to

  • point to a field (by using a mouse click or by navigating using keyboard arrow-keys and page up/down
  • press F2 to enter an inline change mode of the current field
  • change or input some new values (hopefully type checked with regard to dates or tags - allow only already defined ones!)
  • press ENTER to end the change


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Currently, Evernote presents a note list panel   
- Side List and Top List are view options and  provide a grid view of metadata (desktop platforms)
- Column options are limited to specific metadata fields    
- Sort options are limited to specific metadata fields

>>I want to set created day, reminder time, note ...

Currently, the note list panel is view-only with no edit functionality

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I know this - but I want to have enhanced it 😉

About sorting: Legacy allows to sort by any field that might be displayed. EN-10 restricts sorting to Titel, Changed and Created date - why? From a programmer's point of view, Side List and Top List are grids of which all modern frameworks offer simple to implement sort opions... This makes me optimistic about sorting.

Changing viewing grid cells to editable grid cells is more sophisticated and might take some more time to implement. But they can start to think about at every (near) time...

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