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  1. I do a lot of filing into Evernote each month of the same types of documents. A great feature would be to have Evernote recommend a notebook and perhaps tags for the note on import. Say I file a bill every month from the same vendor with the title "October invoice from acme company" (whether it's take from the file name or user input). Evernote should be able to recognize from the meta data (I understand the document isn't yet fully parsed because it hasn't been fully imported yet) that I've imported documents similar to this before (doc type, title, file size, etc). It could then offer to file the note in my 'Bills' notebook with a tag like 'toPay'. This would make bulk importing files faster and simpler. I do rely on notebooks and tags to find the material later, but I sometimes forget to file/tag them properly in the first place. Thanks
  2. 2+ years and this still isn't fixed? Is that right? I guess it's possible considering the HTML editor for notes has never ever worked properly.
  3. I only noticed this being broken today. The entire point of having different notebooks is context. I almost never want to do a global search. Would really like to see context search by default back and working.
  4. I've been using Evernote for about 4 years (on Winblows and Linux (Nixnote)). You continue to add new features, but you continue to neglect the basic editor. I've gotten used to most of the bugs, but it would be wonderful if Evernote could function as well as any other simple HTML editor (like this WYSIWYG editor you use in forums). Just a few of the nuisances: * bulleted lists don't pad between the bullet and the text * simplify and remove formatting don't work on selected text, but the whole note * indentation not consistent. mystery indents appear for no reason * no options for simple formatting of tables (setting column widths and so on). Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote and rely on it. I'd just rather see the editor working properly than new features I don't need being added.
  5. The hard part about syncing two different non-standardized formats is that the data models never match and you will always have some degree of data loss. Both these apps are highly proprietary and have no interest in interoperability. At best, one app could dump text or html files to the other, but you'd lose all the other note properties that make notebook applications useful in the first place.
  6. me too, use readability all the time. wish i could proxy all web content through it automatically but it's just a workaround to what should be a simple issue. i'd simply like to be able to remove all formatting (remove html tags or other "styles" and set text to default values). sometimes it's great to keep formatting, but often, particularly with web pages, it makes for very ugly notes.
  7. OK, I wasn't aware of that option and it's a nice one. However, when using the Evernote add-ons for stuff like firefox or thunderbird, there's no way to paste without all the formatting, which I almost never want to include. I think a simple button which turns all contents of a note to plain text would still be wonderful. I can't imagine I'm the only one that would find this useful.
  8. but it's also very nice when a tool has features that let you hack together your own, custom solutions. i think that's where evernote's tags and saved searches are handy. although the search syntax needs to be beefed up a bit IMHO with stuff like NOT, AND, OR, etc...
  9. Evernote copies formatting of web pages and word docs when pasting data into Evernote. This is almost never what I (and likely others) want. Most of the time, I just want the notes to be in more of an ASCII format like a text document. When the font sizes, colors, styles, etc... are all copied into notes, it usually makes the note difficult to read overall. Unformatting notes is awkward and difficult. I would really like to see one or more of the following features: * Unformat button in the evernote wysiwyg editor - this would simply remove all styles associated with the selected text, leaving it in the default text format. * Note format property added to notes - much as you now have the ink -vs- text option, maybe you could add options for plain text, html, rdf, etc... along with the ability to select default format in the user preferences. * A simpler alternative to the last suggestion would be a 'remove all formatting' checkbox for a note. if selected, the entire note would become plain text and all copied formatting would be ignored.
  10. When using a single notebook, it would be nice to see a tag list that contains only tags used in that notebook, so I could quickly filter to those notes. IE, maybe a checkbox or something that shows the active tags (those which currently show up in black when viewing a notebook) and hides the inactive tags (those which currently show up in grey when viewing a notebook).
  11. I recently submitted an email to support requesting something similar. I generally don't move anything to the Trash because most of the stuff I clip I want to be able to find later, which I consider the primary benefit of using evernote. But at the same time, a lot of the notes are not immediately useful to me and only clutter up the workspace.
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