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Just tried to save a business card

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The SAVE TO feature is GONE!!  Evernote are you listening?   this is Crazy!!!   I need the business cards to go into my Google Contacts!!   This is the #1 Reason I pay for Premium!!!!!!!



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There is a manual selection. If it does not autodetect that it is a business card, tap on the thumbnail of the First Scan below the scanner window. 

It will be enlarged, and below it says „save as“ with the detected type of document showing. By tapping on this, you get a selection of document types. The bottommost option is business card. When selected, the scan will be treated as such.

EN will try to draw the name, a phone number and an email from the card. It is already stored in separate fields in the note. I hope that this is the first step to export the information one day into the contacts app.

However, I use a specialized business card scanning software on my iPhone, and it tries to get many more fields from the card, and make sense of it. Only the persons name, no company name, only one phone number, no URL etc. does not serve my needs.

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OK... iOS EN business card scanning issues...

  • If you try to edit a scanned business card before saving, the Save and Delete options disappear. 
  • If you scan the business card and don't edit, you have the option to Save and Delete.
  • Once saved into a note, there is no way to edit the business card fields. UGHH!
  • Saves to default notebook, no longer can assign to a specific notebook (ex: Business Cards)
  • No saving scanned contact info to device Contacts
  • Migrated business card notes from legacy (previous) app cannot be edited.

This really needs to be fixed Evernote Team. I know you are challenged right now, but don't allow broken features in your product.

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IMHO this is one of the features where the current version just has a very basic functionality.

It will probably be added in a later release - just nobody knows when. And there is a wealth of other functions that are incomplete or even do not exist at all, but are said to return to the client.

The backlog must be impressive. I would not bet when this will fully return.

Workaround: Use another, dedicated business card scanner app.

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On 12/6/2020 at 12:42 AM, Avatarslink said:

Scanning of the backside of a business card is missing.  Why?  This is such basic feature!  Unbelievable

Ya, it was so easy for the old version.  I don't keep hard copy business card.  Both sides are scanned into my EN.  Sometimes, the backside contains info I want to keep.  Now, this feature is gone!

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It is easy with the new version as well.

Scan the front side, create the note, hit the + button, select camera, scan the back side, done. The picture of the back side is added to the note.

What really is missing is the transfer to contacts. Some fields are extracted and placed into the note. But no transfer to contacts  - hope this gets released in the future.

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Interesting, they removed this feature from premium feature list... directly offending customers that paid in advance for a yearly premium subscription including this feature.

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I cannot believe scanned business cards do not save to contacts anymore. You need to immediately reinteoduce this feature. Why would you remove it?

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在 2021/3/21 在 AM7點59分, TonyLim說:

Ya, it was so easy for the old version.  I don't keep hard copy business card.  Both sides are scanned into my EN.  Sometimes, the backside contains info I want to keep.  Now, this feature is gone!

The point is I don’t understand why they remove such feature.  Is it a feature which is difficult to maintain?  I don’t think so!  Don’t think it’s technically difficult at all to retain such feature!

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