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  1. Business Card to Contacts!! This is a HUGE issue for me. Is there any news when this will be restored? EVERNOTE are you listening? I have been a big user for 6 years and now I considering One Note
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. #1 - Business Cards syncing to my contacts is a HUGE reason I use Evernote. #2 They should have a selection for Business Cards as the scanner does not do a good job of detecting business cards!!
  3. The SAVE TO feature is GONE!! Evernote are you listening? this is Crazy!!! I need the business cards to go into my Google Contacts!! This is the #1 Reason I pay for Premium!!!!!!!
  4. Hi, I hope someone knows the solution. When I send someone a link to a specific note that I have with photos in it after 24 hours that link expires? Can I stop if from doing that? Please advise. Sincerely, Paul Hargraves
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