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  1. Pink Elephant, you are WRONG! He complained that EN is not allowing the export of the business card into my contacts. You are making excuses for EN This is a function I use constantly., It no longer works! If you don't want to save contacts because of BLOAT that is YOUR opinion. Others share my concern that this is not working. Evernote is NOT a contact database. I hope in due time they correct it. Have a GREAT Day!!
  2. Business Card to Contacts!! This is a HUGE issue for me. Is there any news when this will be restored? EVERNOTE are you listening? I have been a big user for 6 years and now I considering One Note
  3. Hi, Thank you for your reply. #1 - Business Cards syncing to my contacts is a HUGE reason I use Evernote. #2 They should have a selection for Business Cards as the scanner does not do a good job of detecting business cards!!
  4. The SAVE TO feature is GONE!! Evernote are you listening? this is Crazy!!! I need the business cards to go into my Google Contacts!! This is the #1 Reason I pay for Premium!!!!!!!
  5. Hi, I hope someone knows the solution. When I send someone a link to a specific note that I have with photos in it after 24 hours that link expires? Can I stop if from doing that? Please advise. Sincerely, Paul Hargraves
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