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  1. I too am very disappointed to read there is no basic highlighting of text such that I can be precise and select the length of highlight beyond a single line. Evernote should stop promoting itself as being useful for researchers without something so basic. The resolution of pdf when I zoom to 150% is totally unsatisfactory too.
  2. Thanks Mike. I will be posting several paragraphs from different sources into the same note and would therefore want the url referenced beneath the paragraph... I may have to switch to OneNote if Evernote will not implement this clever mechanism. Thanks, S.
  3. Does the feature to 'Include link to source when pasting from the Web' exist in Evernote? This feature is great in OneNote. Here is an example of how a pasted text places a link to source at the bottom in OneNote. ______________________________ When you paste text from a web page into OneNote, it won’t just paste the text. You’ll also get a link to the web page you got it from. You can disable this feature if you like, forcing OneNote to only paste the text you actually copied. From <https://www.howtogeek.com/336848/how-to-disable-website-links-when-pasting-text-into-one
  4. We need a solution to this... I first pasted an image in a note. Later, I wanted to copy it and paste it outside Evernote, which is impossible!
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    Hi, We need more and better templates! This will increase Evernote adoption. Am shocked to see so few templates offered by Evernote. I'm a premium subscriber and wanted to expand my use of Evernote but disappointed to such a meager collection/choice of ready-to-use and modifiable templates. I was specifically looking at daily journals, weekly planning, etc. Thanks, SP
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