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Calendar Date Selector For Rescheduling Reminders in iOS like Mac version



It would be a huge improvement in useability for me if Evernote would change the date picker to a calendar on the "Edit Reminder" screen.  It is really difficult to reschedule using the "scroll wheel" for the date, especially since it does not tell you what the day of the week is for those future dates.

Often I want to move a retainer ahead a few weeks and set it for a specific day of the week (i.e. a Tuesday), but don't have a photographic memory to figure out what the 2nd Tuesday in the next month is going to be...

I thought the entire goal of this v10 update was to make the user experience the same across all versions of Evernote... so instead of this....



Give us something like this:



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Since this system for selecting a new reminder date remains difficult to use in the new v10.3, I am resurfacing this request to see if additional support may get the attention of Evernote dev team.  As is outlined above, it would be MUCH better to select dates for new reminder using a calendar (especially on iPad).... currently I have to go to my mac 99% of the time to reschedule reminders since I can't remember what day of the week the dates will be in future weeks and it is crucial to my workflow to do things like "reschedule next Thu"... or set reminders on Sat when I want to see them in a few weeks during my weekly review.

While my #1 request is a calendar date picker... if we MUST stick to the stupid scroll wheel on iOS, at least give us a day of the week next to the date.

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I hope that the Evernote team is still following these threads.  I am one of the silent many who like Evernote v10 a A LOT, but really wish the iOS version of the app on iPad was as good as the desktop version.  The two biggest features missing for me are:

1) Calendar Date Selector for Reminders -- I have to use my Mac when rescheduling, advancing reminders during my weekly review because the scroll wheel date selector (which doesn't even include days of the week) is just terrible.  Please, please, please give us a calendar on the iPad.  The iPad is perfect for my weekly review, but I always have to switch over to the separate calendar app to figure out what day of the week a future date is that I want to defer the task to.  Very frustrating.

Add your voice here is you agree....


2) iPad Multitasking With Two Instances of Evernote:  When Apple rolled out the ability to open two instances of a single app a few years ago, it was made for Apple Notes and other note-taking apps.  Goodnotes and all the other major note taking apps jumped on this feature immediately.  I understood why Evernote didn't divert resources from the v10 development to update the old apps, but am really disappointed that this still hasn't been added.  providing the ability to have side-by-side notes from Evernote would be a gamechanger for my use of Evernote on iPad.

Add your vote here if you agree...




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4 hours ago, aukirk said:

I hope that the Evernote team is still following these threads.

- Have you noticed how many posts there are in the forums currently?  An Evernote staffer will read this thread,  but it may not be for a while.  For more immediate attention (within a week or so...) try the Support or Twitter links.

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5 hours ago, aukirk said:

The two biggest features missing for me are:

I've merged your post with the ongoing request for a calendar feature   
To indicate support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion

The forum is less cluttered if we post in ongoing discussions  instead of our personal top item lists

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