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Sort by Date Updated not working

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33 minutes ago, rlweiner said:

I'm finding that notes are sorted by Date Created even when I select Date Updated. I'm having this issue on Android and Windows 10. Is this a bug?

Seems to be working for me on Android and Windows.


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3 minutes ago, rlweiner said:

Thanks. I've tried that on several devices and it doesn't work. It shows notes sorted by date created, not date last updated.

Can you post a screenshot of your process for selecting the sort sequence

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On 2/12/2020 at 12:32 PM, rlweiner said:

Thanks, Jeff. That's so odd. I also have this issue with the Windows browser version:

The Windows browser is separate from the Windows native application. Appears to be working ok in the latest web beta (Evernote Web v5.28.0), but I didn't dig any exhaustive testing. Moving to the Evernote browser technical issues forum.

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If I need to cover something up in my screenshots, I use Skitch (courtesy from EN). IT has a nice tool to pixelate what needs to be obscured, plus arrows, text and badges to comment.

2 or 3 screenshots usually do, without the need to grab a video.

If this thread refers to the web client run in a browser on a Windows computer, many problems can be fixed by returning to the „classic“ browser. The new /beta one is very nice in many aspects, but still has issues with showing, sorting and other basic stuff.

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Yes, I would like to have that „sort by size“ option in the iOS client, but apart from this, where is the Problem ?

There are the options sort by creation date / date last modified in iOS as well, and they work as expected.

Can‘t Test on Android, don‘t have any device running it.

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Here's a screenshot from the Windows web browser (on Chrome). The symptom is the same as on my phone: A note I created in 2018 but updated yesterday is listed below a note created in January 2019 and not updated since.


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Yes, I see a screenshot of the selection menu. Would be nice to see some of the sort results as well.

When I test it, it sorts to the correct order. But it seems wrong, because the column with the date stays "last updated", it does not change to "created". So it seems wrong (left), but if you go to the note details of a note (right) that seems wrong, you see that the sorting order is correct.

screenshot.png.4a4370171a20ec0d5c878815faf4a2be.png                       screenshot.png.723995879d99d63e9f97137f70b95fa1.png

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I have EN Premium so have a version history trail for my notes.

Yesterday I was tidying up some notes using the Beta editor.

I also noticed that the sort was not working correctly.

When I looked at note info I discovered that the Created Date had been overwritten and was the same as the Updated Date!! Moreover all historical versions now have the same date which is the Updated Date

I have raised this to EN on the Feedback form, but is this something any of you are seeing!


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The problem is fixed for me, but my use case is limited. I use Gsyncit to sync Windows desktop Outlook notes with Evernote. Here's what the developer of Gsyncit found:


According to the Evernote Developer API it does not appear required/necessary to set the last updated date on the note entry. This typically should be handled by the core Evernote backend service. But The Evernote API docs are incorrect. It looks like it is required that the client application set the last updated date/time on the note which is really odd.


Gsyncit released an update that fixed the problem.

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