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  1. I have found a solution that works, but only for an application called SnagIt, the process might help elsewhere. SnagIt allows the addition of an Application to its Share menu and will only allow applications that are "supported" to be added. However I do agree that the omission of native sharing to Evernote from within MacOS is serious - what is the point of a note taking application if one can not add any form of document/image/file seamlessly! Evernote is definitely falling behind the curve and this raises serious questions regarding their commitment to existing paid customers with long term investment to the application in terms of both data stored and workflows adopted
  2. I was tidying up some notes yesterday and realised that something was wrong when they would not sort by created date correctly. Checking Note Info I discovered that Updated date had overwritten the Created date. See image below. When checking Note History its completely different. See second image. Moreover: The edit made yesterday (19th February) was to change the naming convention of this note so that it would sort chronologically when Sort by Title is used. However that change is not recorded in the history as shown in the screenshot. There should be an additional change shown. The note contains a JPEG taken on iphone XR using Evernote iOS App
  3. I have EN Premium so have a version history trail for my notes. Yesterday I was tidying up some notes using the Beta editor. I also noticed that the sort was not working correctly. When I looked at note info I discovered that the Created Date had been overwritten and was the same as the Updated Date!! Moreover all historical versions now have the same date which is the Updated Date I have raised this to EN on the Feedback form, but is this something any of you are seeing!
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