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  1. Yes. This is clearly a bug and as far as I know, it will be fixed in some foreseeable future. (I hope ;-))
  2. Hi, I have also provided a comprehensive description of the issue on the very detailed technical level to Evernote Premium support. Moreover, I also provided a few suggestions about how to solve the problem or at least have a workaround. Unfortunately, they do nothing. It's a pity! I'm thinking to cancel my subscription and migrate to MS OneNote. BR Piotr
  3. Thanks, reported. "Your issue has been assigned support ticket #2692974"
  4. It's because different (erroneous?) interpretation of the default font size in each client/app/OS. Some notes or lines written in Segoe UI size 10 (default font) in EV Windows are sometimes interpreted as Helvetica Neue 13 or 14 on macOS EV or iOS app. It looks like notes written few months ago assume that Segoe UI 10 = Helvetica Neue 13, but currently for EverNote mac/iOS editor Segoe UI 10 = Helvetica Neue 14. Therefore, if you update old note with the new text it's mixed size - Helv.N. 13 for old text and Helv.N 14 for the new text. Moreover, problems continue - if you format something on mac/iOS as Helv.N 14 it's sometime interpreted on Windows as Segoe UI size 11, not 10. However, if you format something explicitly on Win client as Segoe 10 it shows as Helv.N13, but new text is still interpreted as Hel.N 14 - very weird! BTW: I have the newest version of EV on each platform.
  5. I agree this font is ugly and often erroneous. For example, it shows small 'i' in bold as capital 'I'. Terrible. Evernote team, please do something about. Fonts for iOS/ Mac apps look great - just use them.
  6. I have the same problem. I have just found following error in the Activity log: "{ version = "1.0"; } 2017-04-20 15:54:30.427 [lvl=3] NoteEditorViewController.swift commonEditorView(_:logMessage:) line: 1914 CE-ERROR unknown notification 'ready': { version = "1.0"; }" I also got an answer from the support team that: "They are working diligently to resolve the issue and hope to have a fix released in our next update." and "A possible workaround that you might want to consider is Simplifying Formatting from a desktop application which would make the content on iOS viewable again. To do this, log into your account using your desktop Evernote application. Go ahead and highlight the content in the note and then go to Format > Simplfiy Formatting. Sync your device and then view it on your iPad. You should be able to see that content again." Best regards.
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