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  1. Yeah! Kodak, DeLorean, NOKIA, MySpace, etc. were probably also pretty determined... but they failed with execution at the some point in time... 😉 (To be clear, simple explanation for those nerds who don't get sarcasm: good intention doesn't always equal abilities to perform...) The road to hell is paved with good intentions | "Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works"
  2. LOL! There is a significant difference between stable core plus some temporary functional bugs on the surface, and poor design of a fundamental structures and someway polished surface. If you are unable to see a difference, I cannot help you… BTW EvN is reactive not preventive therefor we can't talk about a strategy... They only have tactics and vague goals. However, if fast-food alike standards of EvN are enough for you, it's OK. My best wishes. EOT.
  3. Thanks! This reassures me that EvN isn't and most probably will not be able to produce something coherent and serious in any near future...
  4. Did you notice, that if you copy an image from web-browser to the EvN -> it is saved as a link to it, not as an image attachment..? (BTW AN and ON do this properly) Example: I have just clicked "copy image" in FF browser and inserted it into EvN. Then clicked properties of an inserted image... If source pix is deleted so is the content of the note... (it's opposite to the way how it was done in legacy...)
  5. Hi Alan, You can find main info in this post Why? Apple/Google/MS are big firms, maybe a bit slow but stable/reliable enough. With clear rules about support and app lifecycle. And I like/respect their CEOs.. 😉 Moreover, Apple Notes and OneNote are still native apps, fast, and UX-friendly. Their workflows are more appropriate for my goals/needs, i.e. knowledge management and R&D. For example OneNote hierarchy is especially useful to me with: Notebooks/Sections/Note-pages and few levels of Subpages - which I can order as I like. Plus, after reopening ON always remember the exact place in every Section/page from the previous session - a small but nice thing. And many others adventages... As a bonus: during import from EvN I rediscovered many old useful notes (which I forgot) and also found some new ways to utilize them better.
  6. Nope. EvN communication under Ian Small is pretty inconsistent and incompetent. Many decisions are at least strange... No roadmaps, no timelines for beta, etc. https://nimbus.nimbusweb.me/s/share/4244497/etd897m7ooisp1qmk0a8 https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/roadmap/10897 Microsoft or Google inform about an end of a product development mostly years in advance, while keeping support of them for years.
  7. Come on... EvN is known to broke promises... 😉 And assessing risks, i.e. what may or may not happen and relevantly mitigate threats is a pretty useful business activity. And with EvN 10.x I experienced some of my precious data literally vanishing in front of my eyes... Therefore, today my premium EvN membership expired. I'm happy and better suited with another tools for knowledge management.
  8. 1. Legacy is already an unsupported version. 2. It's only still compatible with EvN servers' API, but this can change any moment... 3. Legacy can also stop working because of some new upgrades to Windows or Mac (some say Legacy doesn't work with Mac's M1 processor...) BTW EvN mostly doesn't listen to the voice of this forum. Moreover, begging a commercial company for a mercy is pathetic...
  9. It may be good to know why someone who invested a lot in a tool want to convince himself and others that they should stick with it....
  10. This is an optimistic version of a future prediction. Pessimistic is that because EvN is focusing on only some features, but not on overall coherent (advanced) user experience, reliability, and quality assurance it will simply collapse... I'm guessing, that we will see something like a mix of both: a nice try, but...
  11. Hmm... Hasn't Evernote's CEO promised that because of the switch to the new framework (Electron) all apps on all platforms will get all the same features..? 🙈 Wait... So now we lost native apps, performance is poor, reliability is a joke, and there is less functionality too, but for what..? 😜
  12. Please stop spreading fake news. Your case is isolated. Have you contacted support? Researched ON forums/Google? OneNote works pretty well in desktop app and in web browser for me and many others. Strange... For me OneNote sync works better than EvN v10.
  13. There is a possibility, that you're using the newest version of the app, but you work with some documents created with much older version. Therefore content of those notes may still be in an old format. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/convert-a-notebook-to-a-different-format-52e2f763-e138-4f6b-8de2-48362b6fe76a If not, I have no other idea. For me OneNotes work fine in desktop/mobile apps and in browsers.
  14. I use desktop OneNote (full version, MS-Office 365 subscription) I can also edit my OneNote notes using browser (Edge or Firefox). They synchronize with desktop app in no time. Zero issues. Are your notes in the current (OneNote 2016) format or maybe in the previous/older one?
  15. It's an old joke... https://www.wired.com/story/its-not-a-bug-its-a-feature/ About image issue: Agreed @ArjenC, me too. My premium subscription expires in March, but it's hard to say good bye after many years here...
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