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  1. Yep, it's crucial to know what's new and therefore what should be (re)tested by beta users.
  2. OK. A bit strange. In my Chrome (EvN 6.7.0) I have similar FEEDBACK button with the same menu as on your picture. In FF (5.30.0) there is no button in the bottom right corner. Only status bar, which says "All changes saved". BR, Piotr
  3. Yep, I see 6.7.0 in my Chrome too! Regarding reverting back in FF, see below
  4. As I see, FF Web client has been just updated to 5.30. So you don't need to worry if is still being maintained 😉
  5. One funny fact - if you click Release Notes it shows wrong version number Guys, get some more sleep.. 😉
  6. In Beta Web Editor I also noticed an issue that: create date = previous update date, but in classic (not beta) Windows editor all looks fine (for the same note).
  7. Yep, there is a new (minor) version (5.29) available online. Problem seems fixed now
  8. Unfortunately not. It's risky to mess with the scripts behind editor. As a dirty trick you can use Chrome browser instead of FF. (In Chrome you can access the newest version 6.5.0 of EvN web editor. In FF only the older one version = 5.28 is available)
  9. Hi, thank you for the hints! I have verified, that I can use web version 6.5.0 with Chrome (macOS), but not with Safari or FF (Win) - still only v. 5.28 available. A bit strange... Moreover, I signed to Beta program too. BR, Piotr
  10. I'm stuck with Evernote Web v5.28.0. How can I get to web v6.4.1 version?? Any ideas guys?
  11. Unfortunately, it looks like the time between support response and then fix implementation is veeery (too) long (again). Very annoying!
  12. Hi, I also can't reproduce such error. Moving notes between notebooks works fine for me in Web Beta (under FF). Which browser do you use? Do you use any browser extension (ad/cookies/scripts blocker), which may cause this? BR Piotr
  13. Hi, thank you guys for verification! Yep, it only happens in FF. No problems with Chrome@MacBook. @Dave-in-Decatur Good idea, thanks. I have just reported this issue to support too. EDIT I also noticed some problems with using of Arrow keys to move cursor in Web Notes - only at FF.
  14. hi, Recently, I noticed a strange behavior. When I move my mouse up/down over a note it scrolls up/down. This is good for reading, but horrible for editing - e.g. I want to move mouse towards toolbar to edit something, but at the same time note scrolls up and I loose context... I use the newest FF and Windows. This problem occurs only in Web Evernote. No problem with/inside Google docs or Office365 online. Any ideas?
  15. Yes. This is clearly a bug and as far as I know, it will be fixed in some foreseeable future. (I hope ;-))
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