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  1. It may not be that simple. Maybe in short term yes, but in a longer perspective probably not. Power users usually stays with a service for longer. They evangelize others about advantages of an app. They provide valuable feedback on forums. Power users are also more willing to choose the premium versions of subscriptions.
  2. Yep, there is even a nice business saying: "Vision without proper execution is just a hallucination/nightmare" - this is what we're experiencing currently with v10...
  3. You can listen to the recent interview with EvN's CEO. He officially confessed, that they don't plan anything. This mean they produce software in a pretty chaotic and amateur way... which results in obvious side-effects we experience today with v10. This is unfortunate. It looks like they ignore achievements of generations of software developers i.e. methods like for example Agile, Scrum, LSD or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_development_life_cycle
  4. It depends which version you have in mind V 6.25 is very hard to replace one-to-one. However, it can be replaced to some extend with a set of a few tools/apps. Diversification of a tool-set gives also more independence from one vendor. If you mean v10.x - it's veeery easy to replace 😉
  5. Therefore I appeal for a transparent communication about road-maps and expiry dates + maintenance of legacy - to make your happiness stable enough 😉
  6. Do you know exactly how long it will be compatible with new iOS/Android apps and cloud servers? What if new macOS 11 or new upgrade to Win10 will make legacy app stop working properly? How can you be sure that EvN cares to make you happy for a year or even longer? 😉
  7. Primarily, a good leader should use strategic thinking - have a clear aim and an idea how to achieve it (almost everybody want to be in top 1%, but only 1% knows how to get there...). Moreover, CEO should consider positive and negative outcomes during each step ahead plus be aware of unintended consequences of each. Next, have a plan how to enhance good effects and mitigate bad ones. Do damage control, etc. Choose skilled and engaged coworkers and manage them to reach objectives. Basically be like a chess-master - thinking five steps/moves ahead. Moreover, knowing the industry standards and patterns which can be reused. Secondly, over-communicate about aforementioned goals, different approaches and their pros and cons. What are the assumptions, dependencies, constraints, and exclusions; their risk-management strategy. Thirdly, give users a real choice, but not too much. So, I as wrote before, there should be two official versions in parallel for a year: Legacy one, officially supported, but only in aspects of critical/major bugs and security issues with a clear expiry-date - for users who prefers stable maturity and full spectrum of old features New test version installed side-by-side - with an obvious plan: for example be in preview/alpha stage for 8 months and then in beta for another 4 - for those who likes experiments and want to influence development There should be also a clear list what are the priorities and exclusions, Release plan (e.g. new version each month, etc.) and high-level Road map of features (an ordered Backlog), which shall be updated and published once a month. Moreover, do they have clear metrics how they want measure success? Are they relevant to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO/IEC_9126 ? From engineering point of view there is for example an approach called Acceptance Testing Driven Development - you publish what is expected for a certain version of a software to do and how to test it exhaustively. Then you ask testers and beta users to check if all those scenarios (use cases) work as expected. You gather feedback about the quality, features, etc. What they have done instead? There is only one official/supported "Light" version, but no roadmap or release plan, no clear objectives. They only giving some glimpses. There no assurance what's in and what's out for sure. During a very short period of preview/beta they mostly ignored feedback about what paid/premium users need/want and surprisingly published a half baked version to everybody as a "viable and mighty" successor of the old EvN. Knowing from users that product which was called beta wasn't even ready ready for the public beta testing. This is a big red warning sign - indicator of improper engineering and lacing quality assuring practices They also have pretty bad idea how to handle disappointment of power/business users - just left them with unsupported version, which may be cut out off sync in every moment. Nobody address directly abstract questions and doubts of users at our forum. EvN stuff answers only technical questions about details of a current version. Moreover, so called stable platform (v10) for further development should have at least: editor with proper attachments handling, solid sync (no conflicts, no duplicates), preferences/settings panel, full offline mode, foolproof search, printing. Finally, assure also less tangible aspects like trust of users/customers, indisputable reliability, security, confidentiality, and high performance. What we got -> No customization, unpredictable sync, restricted editor, problematic search, problems with printing. Broken trust: many users are in doubts/unhappy. Reliability is very poor. No local notebooks, no easy editable encryption. New (Electron) app eats up resources like a monster. All above it's only an abstract. Proper synthesis of issues and recommended solutions will probably take many long pages and hours of writing...
  8. 1. I would prefer to keep my old version of EvN without additional steps, i.e. be surprised with update to v10, remove-it, reinstall v 7 manually. (Probably I may be a bit crazy/fanatic about good UX and effectiveness... ;-)) 2. In iOS you can't install things outside AppStore without Jailbreak or other tricks
  9. Supporting is a bit different than developing. By legacy support I mean critical/major and security bug fixes only, no new features. Plus a guarantee that access to data will not end without warning. See Windows 7. MS officially ended support after a year of warnings. Nevertheless, they still issue patches if some critical security bugs are discovered in Win7. Recently they updated Win 7 with Edge browser.
  10. EverNote should thought this trough and publish two versions in the AppStore in parallel: Legacy EverNote Classic New EverNote Light (redesigned) And support both of them, until number 2 will reach decent maturity... It would be the most pleasant/effective for all the users. Don't you think @Nick L.?
  11. You're welcome. I'm getting more and more used to OneNote (I will probably migrate most of my EvN notes there). A like and use Grammarly often too. I'm using those hints to streamline my work with both tools https://getcodeless.com/grammarly-review/grammarly-for-onenote/
  12. 1. OK, I respect your opinion - maybe we simply look on two (other) sides of the same coin? Nevertheless, my opinion is still that this is more a recklessness or ignorance than courage. Where is this new value? 2. Yep, I'm with 6.25 and considering to fork my current EvN notes into MS OneNote and Apple Notes 3. More explanation can be found there
  13. Legacy version isn't officially supported anymore. We are paying currently only for access to our data and nothing more. Some would call it a blackmail... New v10 installer should offer side-by-side installation as a first choice. (Knowing the limitations of v10, etc.)
  14. Seriously? DO they think that new platform is now stable, after a lot of bad feedback on forums? There are other ways to stabilize software by for example intense Quality Assurance and Acceptance Test Driven Development... Number of beta users of iOS isn't a limitation. There is a simple workaround. Company can publish in AppStore two apps simultaneously: "EverNote Classic" and "EverNote Light Renewed" or something similar. They are just cheap and unimaginative instead. No courageous enough to admit mistakes.
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