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Spotlight Does Not Work - 7.13

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This old bug is still not fixed in EN 7.13 (458080)


I am posted a fresh thread here so we can have a discussion about it. Can anyone from EN comment on what the problem is and when this is going to be fixed? It's a big slowdown to not be able to search for content using Spotlight - this used to work but it's been broken for about 1 year now. Please help!


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5 minutes ago, luckman212 said:

Can anyone from EN comment on what the problem is and when this is going to be fixed?

Short answer - probably not.  Evernote don't (usually) give timescales,  mainly because

1  The longest and most difficult part of fixing an issue is find out out what's causing it:  that takes as long as it takes.

2  Fixing something may involve factors out side Evernote's control - maybe further updates to the OS or permissions from other companies.

I'll suggest to the Admins that it might be an idea to merge all the threads on Spotlight since there are several.  Maybe that will spark a comment...

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I've opened many support tickets with Evernote. They go back and forth asking for activity logs, uninstall reinstall, etc— generic useless fixes and canned responses, and then close the ticket.

Here's a list of them

#2677016 - closed marked "solved" - 10/4/18
#2815722 - closed marked "solved" - 4/7/19
#2823619 - closed marked "solved" - 4/18/19
#2834216 - closed marked "solved" - 5/6/19
#2942201 ← opened 10/13/19 (today)

This is not an Apple bug -- lots of other apps work fine with Spotlight, and we've had 5 or 6 bugfix releases to Mojave as well as a whole new OS release (10.15) in that timespan. Plenty of time for EN to work with Apple if the bug indeed lies with them (it doesn't).

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9 hours ago, luckman212 said:

This old bug is still not fixed in EN 7.13 (458080)

I can confirm that it is still a bug running Evernote 7.13 (458080) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

I also have reported this several times as a bug via Evernote Support Ticket.  The last I heard was that Evernote could not reproduce the bug, but they did confirm having many reports of the bug.  Seems like to me it is past time for Evernote to reach out to one or more users who have reported the bug, and ask for detailed help (like calling Evernote immediately when the EvernoteSpotlight tool crashes.  I offered, but have not heard anything from Evernote.


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I have been told that Evernote dev team are aware of the problem. They told me that fixing Spotlight on Mojave is going to break Spotlight for High Sierra since Apple has changed how Spotlight works. Some of the recent updates of Evernote has broken Spotlight support on High Sierra. So I guess this means that Evernote is changing to adapt for Spotlight on Mojave. MS Outlook still supports Spotlight on High Sierra, but has informed me they are having the same problem with Mojave.

This is very annoying and is slowing me down a lot.

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