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  1. I have been told that Evernote dev team are aware of the problem. They told me that fixing Spotlight on Mojave is going to break Spotlight for High Sierra since Apple has changed how Spotlight works. Some of the recent updates of Evernote has broken Spotlight support on High Sierra. So I guess this means that Evernote is changing to adapt for Spotlight on Mojave. MS Outlook still supports Spotlight on High Sierra, but has informed me they are having the same problem with Mojave. This is very annoying and is slowing me down a lot.
  2. Outlook has the same problem under Mojave so it seems Apple changed how Spotlight is indexing.
  3. Yes I am also wondering when they are going to bring back spotlight indexing that has been broken since upgrading to Mojave. Outlook has the same problem BTW.
  4. I have been told this is a known bug that Evernote is working on fixing.
  5. Worst update EVER! I seriously can not remember ever having had so much problems since I signed up for this service at version 1.0 many years ago. But perhaps its like a woman giving birth and I have forgotten earlier pain since there is so much pleasure in between. When can we expect next version please?
  6. This version is the most buggy I have seen in several releases. I am using it on Macbook Pro with 10.10. Notes opened via Spotlight search open blank page and i have to close window and do another search in Evernote to bring the note in view. I am also not able to copy text from notes with command-C. Hope you come with a new update soon.
  7. Interesting. I thought this feature was disabled under version 6. At least I can not get Evernote to select notes like this any more. EDIT: I see now that I can get the selection like before if I select the correct view.
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