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19 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

I know it's tedious, but if you haven't yet, please read through the thread from the top, including the workarounds that have been suggested. [...] The workarounds do work, and for me it's best to do it as soon as the problem occurs rather than waiting till I have to do it on half a dozen or more notes.

@Dave-in-Decatur I've read through the entire thread--and the other one, too.  Unfortunately, I didn't find these threads until I already had quite a few locked notes and was already beyond frustrated.  Thanks for the testimony & words of encouragement, though.  I will try the workarounds rather than keep complaining. Maybe I'll post the outcome here...

@Ralph77:  Chat with support/put in a service ticket. May have to email assigned support tech your request for refund.

@gazumped:  Moi, cynical?  About getting help from EN on this particular issue?  Yes!  And I'm guessing they have logs/technical details from an ocean--not a pool---of users. 😀  But thank you for continuing to come here to provide guidance on this topic.  That helps us all!

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14 minutes ago, SM@EN said:

Chat with support/put in a service ticket. May have to email assigned support tech your request for refund.

I suppose, but it would take a lot of us to jack up and do it for them to really take notice. Plus... would probably prefer not to make waves. They do have a privacy policy, of course, but it is still theoretically possible for EN staff to read your notes.

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I’m not sure I have the same issue but I definitely have a problem. I have my notes on an iPhone, iPad and 2 windows laptops. On the iPhone and iPad I access a note to try to edit it.  I can’t edit it, but there is a green check mark to save it. When I touch the green check mark I get a “view only” notation at the bottom of the note.  This has only started happening in the last several weeks.  I’ve also had issues with syncing and notes disappearing.  I have been deleting and reinstalling app on the iPhone and iPad on a daily basis recently. Is there any help available for this issue?

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I have also been having this problem for the last year or so. The android app allows you to edit the note without touching the edit symbol. I don't think that's the answer because some notes would save and sync correctly and some got locked. In many cases all I did was correct the title of the note or add tags. Those changes also cause locks to happen. Now, I try to make sure I touch the edit symbol even if I'm not changing the body of the note. It seems to help. I forgot on one note yesterday and it locked. But when I went to fix it today, it no longer shows as locked. So, that's weird.

I did report the locking problem to tech support last year but the response wasn't very helpful. I don't remember exactly but it boiled down to make a new note and get rid of the old one.

However, the biggest problem I have right now is: How can I find the locked notes amongst the thousands of notes in my Evernote? When running the sync, it dings and shows which note fails but they go by too fast to make note of. The notification only mentions one note and when you click on it, Evernote just shows some generic text about making sure you're the owner, etc. - doesn't take you to that note. There doesn't seem to be a way to view a log showing the failures. So, the only way I know to find them is to sync, capture the title of one note, fix it, repeat until they're all gone.


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To BarbaraB and anyone else on this thread: I put in a report to tech about the locked notes including that I was going to close my subscription (I pay) and like BarbaraB, they gave me the "copy the original to create a new note and then delete the locked note" answer. However, here's the problem. When I create the new note it "creates" as a locked note. I am tearing my hair out. Thank Dog I don't use this memo app for a business or I would be in a total mess!

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