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  1. Could you explain further? Just opened the new version and under the green "plus" button the only options given me are camera and tasks. I've hunted the site intensively to change this or figure it out and the only way I can add a note is to put it on the scratch pad then transfer it to a notebook. Cumbersome! I want to just add notes. I have a calendar for task reminders and a really nice camera on my phone and in my desk drawer! Help! PS I do have Premium.
  2. To BarbaraB and anyone else on this thread: I put in a report to tech about the locked notes including that I was going to close my subscription (I pay) and like BarbaraB, they gave me the "copy the original to create a new note and then delete the locked note" answer. However, here's the problem. When I create the new note it "creates" as a locked note. I am tearing my hair out. Thank Dog I don't use this memo app for a business or I would be in a total mess!
  3. I don't know if my "locked notes" issue started the same as yours, but I always deny EN and Google to put things on my calendar. I'm at least organized enough to put the date and time of a plane ticket on my own calendar!!
  4. I am joining this discussion because I'm finally frustrated enough and now in this Lifeinthetimeofcovid, I have time to address it. I AM a subscriber! I have notes that are locked that were made on my very reliable home wifi and also notes that now say "note conflict." My Evernote is so dis organized, this OCD person, (me) can hardly bear to pull it up to try to add something or find something. I dont want to know why the lock appears or note conflict, I just want it to stop happening!
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