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2FA not working



I am trying to setup 2FA with Evernote and 1Password, Authy, or Google Authenticator. 

First, the key code Evernote gives to enter into your 2FA app, would be much better, and more able to rule out end user error, were it able to be copied and pasted. ( at least in iOS )

I have copied the code, and taken the resulting 6 digit key to Evernote, where it is promptly rejected. I should mention, I have 15+ other websites using the same procedure and successfully using 2FA, it is only Evernote that doesn’t work. I can see the 2FA 6 digit code in 1Password, Authy, and Google Authenticator, all match, and all are synced and expiring at the same time. That should rule out my need to sync any clocks or anything of that nature. Just to be safe I did anyway, though I don’t know how much I can change about the time on iOS. It’s either 12 or 24 hour, I’m not willing to shift my time on my mobile beyond that cosmetic change. I fear too much in iOS relies on the time bring pretty precise. 

In searching the web, there’s one app out there that seems to stand alone in that users are not able to finish setting up 2FA and abandon the forum post. Evernote. I can only imagine how many support tickets users walk from knowing it’s not them. I don’t see other apps having any trouble setting this up. I see others with invalid keys, and also many other apps already working, its only Evernote that is spitting out the wrong key. 

I think I can safely say, somehow, Evernote is giving out the wrong start seed. I have an older 2FA entry for Evernote in Authy, and that one, out of 3 more in Authy, 2 in 1Password, and 1 in Authenticator, gives out a different 6 digit code. It is also based on a different 16 digit input key. But it works. For some reason 2FA on Evernote is giving out the wrong key, or O’s and 0’s are getting fiddled internally or by end users. I’ve tried swapping to no success. 

Is the web client the only way to enable 2FA? How do I enable it on iOS? Mac OS?

Please chiMe in if you too walked from getting this working. 

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I can't say I have had this problem.  I have used authy with evernote 2FA for years. One key, all my devices.  If I was you, I would turn off 2FA, delete all the extra keys you got set up in authy, 1password and authenticator and then turn it back on and register it.  You got too much junk in there to know what works and what doesn't.  You don't enable 2FA authentication by operating system, it is based on your account.  If you set up 2FA against your account, you use the same code against the web client, iOS, Mac OS, windows app, etc.  HTH

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  • Evernote Staff*

@GreyGray, please take a look at our documentation on how to enable 2FA. I personally use 2FA for more than 10 different Evernote accounts I need to switch between and they all work great. I'm personally using Duo Mobile for my authenticator, but any of the others should work fine. As @zotje noted, 2FA is enabled per account, not per device or client. You may want to go to your account settings and disable 2FA. Then, delete all the Evernote 2FA entries on your authenticator apps. Then, try to setup 2FA again.

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