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  1. This really messes up my cooking! Seriously, I have a lot of study guides in EN and sometimes I flip back and forth to google for more details in safari and I get that split second view of where I was before it takes me back to the top. If I could just freeze that refresh right then and there. The horror! Ugh
  2. I can't say I have had this problem. I have used authy with evernote 2FA for years. One key, all my devices. If I was you, I would turn off 2FA, delete all the extra keys you got set up in authy, 1password and authenticator and then turn it back on and register it. You got too much junk in there to know what works and what doesn't. You don't enable 2FA authentication by operating system, it is based on your account. If you set up 2FA against your account, you use the same code against the web client, iOS, Mac OS, windows app, etc. HTH
  3. I've noticed that checking the access history, my iphone can have some connections from strange locations. I have a pretty distinct naming connection for my device, so I am not too worried as long as it tells me it is my device. I notice that the IP address are all owned by AT&T mobile, which makes me think it's just dynamic IP addresses that AT&T assigns and reassigns constantly to phones. I do recommend the 2 factor, I've had that since the day evernote added that functionality.
  4. My biggest issue with Nimbus note is that I don't know anything about who they are. About the only thing I can find out is that the founders both graduated from the Russian state social university according to their profiles on linkedin. There's never been a mainstream article about this company. I am not comfortable giving them all my evernote data. I am more comfortable putting my data with a company I know. A company that will have whistle-blowers and press when something fishy is going on than a company I don't know squat about. This is one of those times where it's better to stay wit
  5. I still think this whole "evernote employees look at your notes" outrage is overblown. It's not like every employee has access to them. It was probably a few developers who needed to troubleshoot issues with the software. Sometimes you can't fix software until you know how your end users are using your software. You honestly think the Onenote developers can't look at your encrypted notes...they wrote the encryption and decryption functionality! Also, a quick google search shows there's about 20 software apps out there that will crack your onenote password. If you are worried about it, you
  6. Absolutely critical disadvantages. Here's some more that annoyed me and still do since I am forced to use it at work. I use my phone a lot to clip pages, add to lists, set reminders on my notes. The clipper on iOS is horrible, takes little pictures of the webpages which you can't actually copy and paste text from later. It also only lets you clip to notebooks you have open on the device. Plus, if you forget to open the ON after you clip, it will not be synced to your other devices or windows application There is no way to set reminders (or outlook tasks in Onenote) unless you
  7. Thanks everyone! I already had my personal laptop's drive encrypted with bitlocker. I am probably just paranoid but I wanted some sort of functionality similar to keepass where it prompts me for a passcode when it times out or the computer has been locked. Maybe it is just overkill, but when you sit in the airport in Atlanta and realize you left your laptop in a TSA bin in North Carolina, it would definitely calm my anxiety.
  8. There needs to be a security pin that locks Evernote from being accessed by strangers. If someone loses or gets their laptop stolen, all the notes are there for the picking. A security pin is the least we would need to put up a barrier. It would also be great if we could remove the laptop from accessible devices and make it trigger a deletion of all the data from the laptop before it can be accessed. Right now, it just stops anyone from syncing the account, but all data is still there to view. Thanks, Glenn
  9. Thanks for getting my reminders ordered by due date. That's a huge plus for me as I tend to put reminders in project folders and it's hard to figure out which due date is coming up first. Now I can get rid of the daily email that tells me what is due.
  10. Logging in with your google account does bypass the 2FA because you're logging in a different way altogether. Of course, if you have 2FA set up in Evernote, you should definitely have it set up for your google account. You also don't have to have google authenticator set up for evernote. I use the Authy app myself which lets me choose multiple devices to login with. I much prefer it over google's version.
  11. How do you control the notes with dropbox? As far as I know, I can go into my dropbox directory on my pc and copy the entire directory and paste it somewhere else on the hard drive or a thumb drive and have everything from the dropbox account in my possession without the company knowing? Besides my dropbox is on 3 laptops, a desktop and they get backed up at least weekly. I don't think any of these cloud accounts will keep your notes safe from being copied and shared if they are personal cloud accounts. Seems to me it might be easier to make everyone sign a non disclosure agreement and giv
  12. 1+2 - If you have a google account, log in with your google account. I'm usually logged into gmail, so in the rare cases that I go to the evernote web, I'm logged in automatically because I'm already google authenticated. 3. I've never experienced this on my end. Just because your internet speed is 80 down doesn't mean that you can access all 80 at one time. You might want to check your router and see what type of traffic is going on that you might not know about. My kids usually take up about 40 mbps streaming their shows on their rokus. 4. It's not pretty, I'll give you that.
  13. This free-form editing is possibly the biggest annoyance with the onenote web clipper. What you're in fact doing is taking a screen shot of your article and writing over it. It's the same as having layers in photoshop. If you ever need to go into the actual article you clipped, for instance to remove comments or advertisements, it is impossible because it is a picture. Good luck on copying some text and using it somewhere else (yes, there's a work around which works 50% of the time). Also, don't clip from your phone or you have an itty bitty tiny picture. So, no for the most part, the onen
  14. As a developer, I understand that sometimes you need to be able to look at real data to see if your code is working as expected. However, instead of making me sign off on an all or nothing rule, I would like evernote to send me request for permission every time one of Evernote's developers needs access to my data. Let me know what data the developer wants to access and who the developer is. You are correct, it's my data, I want to know who is looking at it and decide if I am OK with it.
  15. I'm not sure about the Mac. On a pc I have done it easily many times. Make sure you have onenote desktop and evernote desktop version on the same computer. In evernote, click file from the menu, then import, then microsoft onenote. The import popup lets you pick which notebooks to import into evernote.
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