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  1. I am trying to setup 2FA with Evernote and 1Password, Authy, or Google Authenticator. First, the key code Evernote gives to enter into your 2FA app, would be much better, and more able to rule out end user error, were it able to be copied and pasted. ( at least in iOS ) I have copied the code, and taken the resulting 6 digit key to Evernote, where it is promptly rejected. I should mention, I have 15+ other websites using the same procedure and successfully using 2FA, it is only Evernote that doesn’t work. I can see the 2FA 6 digit code in 1Password, Authy, and Google Authenticator, all match, and all are synced and expiring at the same time. That should rule out my need to sync any clocks or anything of that nature. Just to be safe I did anyway, though I don’t know how much I can change about the time on iOS. It’s either 12 or 24 hour, I’m not willing to shift my time on my mobile beyond that cosmetic change. I fear too much in iOS relies on the time bring pretty precise. In searching the web, there’s one app out there that seems to stand alone in that users are not able to finish setting up 2FA and abandon the forum post. Evernote. I can only imagine how many support tickets users walk from knowing it’s not them. I don’t see other apps having any trouble setting this up. I see others with invalid keys, and also many other apps already working, its only Evernote that is spitting out the wrong key. I think I can safely say, somehow, Evernote is giving out the wrong start seed. I have an older 2FA entry for Evernote in Authy, and that one, out of 3 more in Authy, 2 in 1Password, and 1 in Authenticator, gives out a different 6 digit code. It is also based on a different 16 digit input key. But it works. For some reason 2FA on Evernote is giving out the wrong key, or O’s and 0’s are getting fiddled internally or by end users. I’ve tried swapping to no success. Is the web client the only way to enable 2FA? How do I enable it on iOS? Mac OS? Please chiMe in if you too walked from getting this working.
  2. Regardless of your security settings, be they passcode with digits, fingerprint, facial, or some combination thereof… upon launch before the locked screen is presented and you are asked for a fingerprint or password, you get a chance to peek at the screen last used. A screenshot can even be snuck in. Slower phones give you more time, this ( screenshot ) was taken on an iPhone 8 Plus, with fingerprint authentication enabled.
  3. I would say, I actually took the time to login to these forums for the first time in a long while just to say, if I had a usability study that told me to remove the fill feature from any pain or photo editing style app, I would take those results and throw them in the trash, because they are inaccurate, tainted or otherwise, screwed up. You can't trust a study in which people tell you they are not going to need a solid color fill. nonsense, Skitch just become worthless in so many situations and the workarounds I can think of are painful.
  4. Was this duplicate items set created all at once? Or even if not all at once, you have 2000 items, and then 2000 more were created. You should be able to find all the items, there must be some commonality that they have in which you can do a search to locate just the 4000 in question. Then sort by date created, date added, date modified, date last modified, or whatever criteria makes sense given your knowledge. Now you have a huge chunk of the list items in order that need deleting. I am not sure how many items you can show on the page, you may want to move to the web version of EN in order to use Javascript, or you can use Applescript if on the Mac, and I am sure something else if on Windows. Somehow, you need to iterate thought the found set and select 1-2000 and then hit the delete key. Or delete them one at a time. Search the forums, the applescript is out there in some form or another and a little hacking to it will work it out for your case.
  5. And I bellve, they now have a new CEO, who has stated the same, to deliver on those promises, jettison the cruft that has built up over time, and get things focused. On day one, since he did not remove the socks, the terrible scanner that is hampered down, the note books, and basically the entire store, seriously, socks?! I have little hope, that is a email away to disable those features on the site, no one cares to wear Evernote socks, that is just a company that is too large, and execs are having a fun time when they are golfing with their embroidered socks. Have not heard a peep out of the new CEO since he was announced and put in place.
  6. Safari, 9.0, OS X El Capitan 10.11 Evernote 6.1.1 Any web page, select the share sheet, select Evernote, and a modal window just spins. I searched the forums, and read it just can take some time. Is 30 minutes long enough on an Evernote forum page? How about 30 minutes on the Evernote home page? Neither worked, that is just how lone I waited before I gave up. Anyone had any success with this? Anyone have any alternative solutions? I know there are other apps that use the share sheets and they happen immediately. I can send a page to notes, email, reminders, etc., and there is no delay.
  7. I think the only way to do this, unless the FB API gives you access to the Messages, would be to scan the wire live, and pull the messages out before they get sent. Though if it is over SSL, I would have to install something like Charles, and even then, I may not be able to get around it, though I don't see why not. But scanning live network traffic and sniffing out just the messages, hopefully they are on their own port, and easily pulled out, that is a pretty tough challenge.
  8. I downloaded the software right from the Fujitsu site, and they now have a new download that is a software updater app. I ran that and it found some stuff to update. As far as i know I am up to date. The scanner works, and there are mentions of EN all over the ScanSnap software. I can scan directly to Evernote, which is like a drag and dtop in my opinion. But EN does not see the scanner, at least not over wifi. I have not tried with USB. Does someone have a working setup and can you post a screen shot of what the preference pane looks like when not disabled. I want to see what the options are. If it is just auto filing tuff would not use it anyway. I don't trust auto filing in EN or any app and will always manually file my stuff exactly where I want it, so I may not even want to use this feature, though it would be nice just to know that it is working as expected. Thanks
  9. Is there any way that someone knows how I could automate the Messenger chats from Facebook into a running note in EverNote? The same for Apple Messages.app as well. That I think I could locally script actually. Not sure about the attachments tough. It could get a little complicated. And the desktop and mobile versions of Messages.app are never in good sync so it could be extra tough. But for Messenger, I hate having my chats there and delete them when done. I know FB still keeps a copy, I only hope over enough time they do truly delete or that deleting them, were any request for data to FB would not include deleted stuff even if they keep a copy. Any suggestions?
  10. I didn't buy any special scansnap for Evernote, I could not understand the difference and assumed there is no way that Fijitsu made special hardware for EverNote. So I have the ScanSnap ix500 Mac and PC Edition with additional software. It works great, but the preference area in EverNote is still greyed out even when in active scanning mode. I am connected to it over wi-fi and have not looked at what the preference panel looks like when USB connected. How do I get the EverNote app to open up the prefs to the scanner?
  11. Drafts looks like an awesome app, and the email idea is a great one too. My main issue is that I hate entering in my passcode, finding the app, launching it, etc. With the email suggestion, I could get around that, though I can see it being hard to add the correct hashtags and such to the subject to get it to do what I want. Are you aware with Drafts.app if you can interact with it in the same way as Siri, in that you need not even unlock the phone? IFTTT is so close to working, it works 40% of the time, to get stuff from Reminders and other lists into evernote, but there is that 80% of the time if doesn't, and support with this is non existant.
  12. I had not used Skitch in so long that I had to update it. When I did, it asked me to supply it with my Evernote Login and Password. I did so. Skitch seems integrated with Evernote in a strong way now. I do not want this. I would like skitch to stand on it's own. First, It created a skitch notebook automatically. I thought this was due to the preferences in Skitch being set to do so, so I changed the location to my Inbox, but the Skitch notebook is still created. Then I thought, Ok, I will set it to the trash, but trash does not show up in the list of items I can select in Skitch. I was poking around in the Library on Mac OS X in Application Support, and it seems Skitch, or Evernote, it is hard to tell where the line is drawn in what is shared, but I found a directory that had aliases, many of which were broken, that pointed to Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Chats, all and a few more. I deleted all the arises, and left the non alias folders. This is of concern, I put stuff in my Downloads folder that I do not want backed up, Downloads is excluded from any backups, it is a junk drawer for me that I feel safe that if anything in it exists, it will not be backed up, I know I can select all and delete, and there will be no trace of those files on my computer. Now I don't believe that to be the case. I know Time Machine is going to follow that alias. I am lucky I did not rm ( delete ) all the files in Pictures in the terminal. First I did a `file` on the Pictures folder and saw it was just an alias. Had I deleted those, I was actually `cd`'d into the real Pictures folder, which in the terminal is not something obvious right away. How do I get Skitch to stop making a Skitch Notebook in Evernote, and how do I use skitch without it being a part of Evernote?
  13. No problem, thanks. Ill look around for something that just does an import of plain text, that will get me started. Getting started in AppleScript is always a pain for me for some reason. I wish there was some sort of bridge from their API to curl or a more REST driven API, I think I could make EN do anything under those cases. I have looked at the API, and it is a bit hairy, but not too bad. Maybe I can pin down this "malformed input" error that Zapier and IFTTT seem to get stuck on.
  14. This can be done using AppleScript, JXA, or Keyboard Maestro , at least with the Outlook 2011 or Mac Mail clients. Can't say for sure about using a GMail web client, since I have setup Outlook to pull all of my GMail. Gmail is not an issue, I can make an IMAP connection through curl or any number of tools that I can then hook up with AppleScript. Can you share with me an AppleScript that will take raw text as input, ( there is something wrong with the line endings, I am losing them, I think I willl have to replace \r to \r\n or \n tu \r\n. Outside of that, if yo have something where I can drop a text file on it, it will import to EN with predefined tags, I would make a ton of cool things. I don't need to poll EN for any data ahead of time, so this should be a simple one. Thx!
  15. And where in Thunderbird are you altering the subject when it meets your filter criteria? No place. "When you forward an email into Evernote, auto-filing will look for similar notes inside your account and apply the same notebook and tags." https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 It works 80-90% This is an automated rule in gmail, if it is from a sender, an the subject is a certain way, of which I get 3 of these emails a week, I don't want to manually forward them. Plus, if you use the forward feature in the prefs of gmail, it does a redirect not a forward, so the emails look nicer. The trouble is, that I don't want to have to re-file them in evernote, I would like them to come in and go where they are supposed to. Evernote really needs a rules system where we can filter inbound notes and tell them where to go and what to do to them automatically.
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