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  1. I am trying to setup 2FA with Evernote and 1Password, Authy, or Google Authenticator. First, the key code Evernote gives to enter into your 2FA app, would be much better, and more able to rule out end user error, were it able to be copied and pasted. ( at least in iOS ) I have copied the code, and taken the resulting 6 digit key to Evernote, where it is promptly rejected. I should mention, I have 15+ other websites using the same procedure and successfully using 2FA, it is only Evernote that doesn’t work. I can see the 2FA 6 digit code in 1Password, Authy, and Google Authenticator,
  2. Regardless of your security settings, be they passcode with digits, fingerprint, facial, or some combination thereof… upon launch before the locked screen is presented and you are asked for a fingerprint or password, you get a chance to peek at the screen last used. A screenshot can even be snuck in. Slower phones give you more time, this ( screenshot ) was taken on an iPhone 8 Plus, with fingerprint authentication enabled.
  3. I would say, I actually took the time to login to these forums for the first time in a long while just to say, if I had a usability study that told me to remove the fill feature from any pain or photo editing style app, I would take those results and throw them in the trash, because they are inaccurate, tainted or otherwise, screwed up. You can't trust a study in which people tell you they are not going to need a solid color fill. nonsense, Skitch just become worthless in so many situations and the workarounds I can think of are painful.
  4. Was this duplicate items set created all at once? Or even if not all at once, you have 2000 items, and then 2000 more were created. You should be able to find all the items, there must be some commonality that they have in which you can do a search to locate just the 4000 in question. Then sort by date created, date added, date modified, date last modified, or whatever criteria makes sense given your knowledge. Now you have a huge chunk of the list items in order that need deleting. I am not sure how many items you can show on the page, you may want to move to the web version of EN in
  5. And I bellve, they now have a new CEO, who has stated the same, to deliver on those promises, jettison the cruft that has built up over time, and get things focused. On day one, since he did not remove the socks, the terrible scanner that is hampered down, the note books, and basically the entire store, seriously, socks?! I have little hope, that is a email away to disable those features on the site, no one cares to wear Evernote socks, that is just a company that is too large, and execs are having a fun time when they are golfing with their embroidered socks. Have not heard a peep out of
  6. No problem, thanks. Ill look around for something that just does an import of plain text, that will get me started. Getting started in AppleScript is always a pain for me for some reason. I wish there was some sort of bridge from their API to curl or a more REST driven API, I think I could make EN do anything under those cases. I have looked at the API, and it is a bit hairy, but not too bad. Maybe I can pin down this "malformed input" error that Zapier and IFTTT seem to get stuck on.
  7. This can be done using AppleScript, JXA, or Keyboard Maestro , at least with the Outlook 2011 or Mac Mail clients. Can't say for sure about using a GMail web client, since I have setup Outlook to pull all of my GMail. Gmail is not an issue, I can make an IMAP connection through curl or any number of tools that I can then hook up with AppleScript. Can you share with me an AppleScript that will take raw text as input, ( there is something wrong with the line endings, I am losing them, I think I willl have to replace \r to \r\n or \n tu \r\n. Outside of that, if yo have something where I c
  8. And where in Thunderbird are you altering the subject when it meets your filter criteria? No place. "When you forward an email into Evernote, auto-filing will look for similar notes inside your account and apply the same notebook and tags." https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 It works 80-90% This is an automated rule in gmail, if it is from a sender, an the subject is a certain way, of which I get 3 of these emails a week, I don't want to manually forward them. Plus, if you use the forward feature in the prefs of gmail, it does a redirect not a forward, so th
  9. And where in Thunderbird are you altering the subject when it meets your filter criteria?
  10. Thanks, but how do you alter the subject of an email that is part of a automatic rule in gmail? Or any email client for that matter? I have a rule in gmail that says if from x and subject is y, forward the message to Evernote, but it just ends up in my inbox. Do I really have to look at a 3rd party tool like Zapier or IFTTT to pull this off?
  11. I also just found this: ​The evernote docs need updating, or there is a secret I am unaware of. I don't think this is just gmail, I don't know of any email clients that allow a find/filter/subject change. But evernote wrote that, so at some point, someone did it, any idea how? ​What are my other options? Is there a filtering tool in Evernote, where you can have it take incoming messages that match criteria, and perform actions, like in gmail, only these would be, add tags, move to notebook, etc.
  12. The following question is a general question, and does not apply to the Mac only version, though that is what I am using. What forums would the below post best be posted in? According to the Evernote docs: I set up a filter in gmail, it finds messages from a sender that has a identical subject that is sent out every month. All works well on the gmail side, emails are located, tagged, filed, and then forwarded. However, once they hit evernote, they just go to my default notebook. I don't want to turn on smart filtering, I don't trust myself to have stuff coming in and put in places tha
  13. Yeah, it is a pesky one for sure. I also experience it in web forms on twitter, and also in 1Password but only at random times. In EN, for me, it is time related, the longer in EN, the slower typing gets, in the other apps, totally random. I have 1Password open all day, it can be zippy all day long, then all of a sudden, it slows down. This may sound strange, but I think it has something to do with pasting, the more you paste, the more you exacerbate the issue. Go on a copy and paste mission and see if the app slows down in typing, for me, that is the only thing I can do to sort of reprod
  14. I don't think this belongs in EN, it is a complicated issue as far as design decisions are concerned and has many things that would need to be addressed. It would potentially slow EN down, as there are only a few ways to deal with it. You can get to the URL easily as you clip, but then you have to search the entire EN library to see if that URL exists. It would be better to create a fast index of all URLs and just see if that URL is contained in the index, but you have to match the index to the note UUID. And what happens if you change things, say you move a URL to another note, or you wan
  15. How in the world can there be "no reports if this" when there are this many reports in a forum, and think how many users don't email support, don't use forums etc. This is widespread as far as I am concerned. I wish EN was more open about things and would say, "we are looking into this" etc. I seem to recall a blog post from their CEO of more than a year ago in which he specifically sated they were going to clean up things, more transparent, etc. While I was not using EN a year ago if I am to assume they did in fact follow that blog post, I can't even imagine how EN was a prior to that post
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