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Account been hacked? Help!

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… whatever good it will do now. Throwing rocks into the well after the child has drowned is mainly symbolic.

In general nothing of direct value like passwords, login data or crypto wallet keys should be kept inside of EN. To be hacked still takes another additional mistake, like using the same password for several services, not activating 2FA or similar.

Store confidential information only in places that are build to protect such information. For some even a piece of paper may not be the worst alternative - at least it is hard to steal from Indonesia (or from wherever the real endpoint of this connection was) through the internet using stolen account login data.

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I think Evernote may be panicking users unnecessarily sometimes too - I was told my account had been accessed from an Indonesian IP address a couple of days ago.  The IP address was strangely familiar - I checked via https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and it turned out that IP address was me.  Connecting through NordVPN and a server in the UK.  ^_^

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Well, what the VPN services sometimes do to load balance their network is amazing 😉  I think in such a case I prefer to get a notice, rather than not being informed.

Maybe I should give it a try myself, to see if a strange geolocation pulls the trigger as well.

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