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Numbered lists in new format

Andreas Pietsch


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4 hours ago, Andreas Pietsch said:

Presently numbered lists can only be entered in Evernote notes as in this format: 
But I would prefer to have numbered lists like this: 

Is this possible? 

Not currently as a feature of EN.

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I would also like to have levels of numbered lists use different numbering formats. Pretty much standard on most text processor. I recently returned from OneNote to Evernote, and that's one of the (few) features I miss. Evernote's formatting is generally better than OneNote, so it seems an odd lack.

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Sadly, like @jbenson2, I too use an external program to format it and them paste it into Evernotes. It is not what I expected. I would have thought Evernote could perform  better at lists and sub-list options.

This needs improvement, otherwise someone like Workflow might take away some of their market share.

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