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  1. Hello, everybody, So far Evernote offers a list formatting only in this way: 1. a 1. aa 1. aaa 2. b 1. bb 1. bbb 3. c 4. d 5. e I think that not only me, but many other users need an (additional) list formatting like this one (so with 1-2-3 in the first text layer, then a-b-c and then i-ii-iii): 1. A a. Aa i. Aaa b. ab i. aba 2. B 3. C a. Ca i. caa 4. D 5. E What do You think? Best regards, Andreas Pietsch
  2. Hello! Presently numbered lists can only be entered in Evernote notes as in this format: 1. 1. 1. But I would prefer to have numbered lists like this: 1. a) i Is this possible? Thanks!
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