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  1. UPDATE! DARN! I fix it Now I have nothing to show Support! The fix you ask? Select the columns and size them accordingly. Just above columns, and below the search bar, right click so you are presented with a Save Search... option. Name this something (I choose ALL for both fields. Exit Evernote without selecting the SYNC option. Return to Evernote. Either the steps above fixed the Evernote issue, or it was that this last time, I had KILLED the EvernoteClipper.exe problem before I re-opened Evernote, and sorted out my column, then performed the steps listed above. Good look Evernote Support team! Please send me my one year free coupon to the email address on file
  2. I have confirmed this to be the MOST annoying issue. This needs to be looked at by Support in my opinion. I'm going to open a case. I have enclosed the BEFORE and AFTER screen shots. I have even taken the extra step of performing a SYNC and waiting 20 minutes before exiting Evernotes.
  3. I am trying to implement this with the addition of being able to outdent (vs indent) the value of the SHIFT+RETURNED line. Here is an example of what I need Evernote to do: 1. This is topic 1 · This is subtopic 1a · This is subtopic 1b This is a continuation of topic 1 2. This is topic 2 I can not seem to accomplish this task.
  4. I had this same issue in Windows. What I did to resolve it was to open the Application, then click on Activity. I clicked on one of the links in that Activity, and it opened up as expected, but in Evernotes and not as a separate Window. I immediately clicked on the other Notebooks and could see them all, but again IN EVERNOTES and not a SEPARATE WINDOW. The BUG here then must be that if you have it opening up in a separate Window, that eventually Evernotes must be opening up that windows in some location not visible within your monitor's range. Can others please confirm?
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