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Any way to copy,paste,move files around different notes in Ipad?

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Most of my evernote activities has to do with moving around various pdf, doc or excel files within Evernote.  For example, I will scan a document into my inbox and it resides there in a pdf file.  Later on I'll want to move that pdf to a different notebook or perhaps to a different note within that same notebook.  Is there any way to do that? Also, is there any way to merge two notes within EN ipad?  

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Hi.  It varies from device to device,  but AFAIK it's easy to move notes containing PDF files between notebooks.  Don't know how you'd 'merge',  but can you download the attached file and share it to another note?

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The problem is that the ipad is very limiting.  On the desktop I can go to a note, select a pdf file, right click/copy it and then paste it into another note.  I can then delete the original note.  I can do these things quite easily by having both these notes open at the same time.  On the ipad I can't figure out how to easily copy a pdf so that I can paste it elsewhere.  Furthermore, I can't keep two notes open at the same time so it makes it difficult to work between notes.  For this reason I use my evernote on ipad as an information tool but not as a real work machine.  For example, when I travel I keep all of my travel information on ipad evernote; however, if I ever need to get work done I need to use my laptop or desktop.  It's the same way with the android version.

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36 minutes ago, igeret said:

I just upload it to Apple cloud, add it to the new note and then delet it from the cloud. It’s not the fastest but it works well for me ?

We can't open two notes at once, but we can open Evernote and the Files app side by side (iPad Pro)

I can drag the file attachment into the files app, then drag into the new note

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Wow, I'm surprised IOS lacking this much more than Android. Android can copy contents. Then I thought I typically would never duplicate content anyway, I would make a link. My preference is that all files are standalone notes, tagged with context if necessary.  Any project or other note that needs a reference just links to it. Then I thought, wow there's not even an option to link.  Thanks to @DTLow in another thread, you can do links but it's well hidden.  It's in share which is an icon of a head with a plus sign, then still another menu layer deep. I never noticed before since I use Windows desktop for heavy lifting, Android tablet in most other cases, then ios phone for true on the fly capture something through Siri, photo note, or checking off the grocery list.

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As of today it is still not possible to copy paste content around on iOS & iPadOS. Will this ever come?
Also missing is the drag and drop feature from iOS. When you do this it will just add an empty html file to the other note.

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