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  1. 100% agreed. Edit:This is stuck in my brain now. The most annoying thing is these cowards (all of this ilk, not just EN) rarely send these emails from identifiable human sources. The real source is obfuscated along with some bs, like 'sent from unmonitored automated system'. They can dish it out, but can't take the heat of the deserved backlash. I'd love to see how many hours a year are wasted in the workplace on the disposition of spam that circumvents the filters. And further you still have to occasionally check and tune the filters, more time wasted on account of thugs, yes they're stealing my time and invading my privacy, getting away with unethical behavior in the name of capitalism. Now that I know the behavior I'll likely never share. I don't want to be the guy passing this disease around.
  2. Gear64

    cant see how to open attachment

    It's weird it doesn't appear to be exposed in the body as the typical icon, but the status bar implies it is there. 'Other: 1' is how my notes with xlsx appear in status. Also, the size seems large for an empty note. More global files show up like 'PDF: 1'. So maybe corrupted note? One other thing I'll add is it requires an xlsx friendly app, so I personally avoid MS type attachments except for indexing of work records where the app is supplied by employer.
  3. Gear64

    Sharing how I use Evernote

    For a time the default scanner was painfully slow on iPhone, but either due to EN update, iOS update, or whatever; it's been significantly better in recent months. As for other uses, my wife still loves paper lists, so when she's running the show; I scan the list, put in annotate mode for the resulting image and scratch them out with my finger as I go.
  4. That's pretty cool. I put it on my phone then went around office looking for equations to solve.
  5. Gear64

    Can't select image in note

    Also, did something change about copy with latest update or so? I could have sworn I've not been able to copy/paste images from Evernote in recent past. For instance copy from Evernote to email. Now if I click on image it has bold blue rectangle around it which seems new, and can be copied; however not inline though, it becomes an attachment. Still now that I know the full capability of capture feature it's easy enough to get what I want.
  6. Gear64

    Can't select image in note

    Nice, I suppose I should slow down and read the captions; and as former OneNote user accustomed to it asking where after the capture. Actually Evernote more streamlined when wanting a new note, and comparable when you want it somewhere else now that I now what Shift and Cntl do. Thanks.
  7. Gear64

    Can't select image in note

    Fair enough, it's just that I migrated from OneNote, but hung on to it in a sense just because of enhanced screen capture capabilities. It's also nice that you can route to specific section/note. I believe in Evernote, it's always to a new note. Anyway the Snipping tool built into Win 10 satisfies the need. It's just going from Evernote would be nice to simply copy/paste rather than screenshot a screenshot.
  8. Gear64

    Can't select image in note

    This seems to be a limitation for me as well, although I get the images in by different means. On Win 10 there's a snipping tool (screen capture), that I use when I want to copy the image to some other software. Once in the snipper in can be saved to disk, or it's in the clipboard as well to simply paste somewhere else. Ironically, before discovering the snipping tool I was using OneNote helper. In my experience the Evernote screen capture can only capture to an Evernote note. The OneNote helper is more global. One of the few things they do better.
  9. Gear64

    Evernote OneNote integration

    I'm warming up to this idea. The usage of shared OneNote is almost negligible in my day to day activities. 90% of work related stuff I put into Evernote is publicly available, I'm just indexing it for easy reference. It could be feasible to have just customer/project related notes in a local notebook just on my laptop. Thanks.
  10. Gear64

    Evernote OneNote integration

    That alternative didn't occur to me. The only draw back is that I have two regularly used work computers. A desktop that get's used more administratively, and a laptop that's gets used in more project related activities, but really multi-tasking enough both are open and fully loaded with various software anytime I'm in the office.
  11. Despite my disdain for OneNote, I work in Microsoft ecosystem. At a minimum I need to use OneNote as a shared resource in specific group contexts. Additionally whether a fact or just drinking the Kool-Aid in an MS world; I think professionally OneNote is perceived to be more secure. With that in mind I was curious if anyone knows of direct integration between the two. I suppose direct integration may circumvent any additional security perceptions, but maybe a way that the better search of EN could get me more easily to desired OneNote note. It looks like I could potentially create links (like the internal links of EN), and paste them to EN notes. Does anyone else do this as a potential buffer to more sensitive data an employer may be more comfortable with being stored in OneNote?
  12. Gear64

    My Evernote love is flailing

    Interesting you would pay for EN if you loved OneNote. I'm here because I hate OneNote. If I loved OneNote, I would likely never have touched EN, especially since everyone else in the office uses OneNote. I've known about EN since the beginning, but was cloud averse for many years. I started using EN mostly in personal, free context a little over a year ago. Then went Plus, then started using for non sensitive work stuff. I can't even imagine going back to OneNote. To me the inherent structure is such that you love one and hate the other. OneNote isn't necessarily bad, it's more a personal philosophy in how you organize things. If you loved OneNote you were likely doomed from the start and there's nothing we could say to convince you otherwise.
  13. Gear64

    go take a look at Nimbus Note

    This, excellent retrieval, and supporting all my devices is why Evernote stands above the rest. I always look at the suggestions because I'm geeky, but they all lack one or more things of significance, including OneNote of which I considered myself a power user for years. I hopped off that train in frustration a little over a year ago, actually longer, I was in limbo using no tool of this sort for awhile. My OneNote usage was really more of a dying on the vine. One day I realized my physical desktop was littered with paper tablets again, and my download folder was littered with unfiled documents, and I needed to find an alternative. My biggest fear now is I'm on the backside of the curve and EN will go away or change significantly before I retire. The simple fact is even with the best of intentions things bloat and devolve over time. I just have to look in the mirror to see which side of the curve I'm on:)
  14. Frankly, cloud based/web client based technology is a hot mess. I'm dismayed to see the world heading this way. Web tools pretty much suck in general. Supposedly HTML 5 was supposed to mitigate a lot of this, but most software still disclaimers to the big 3, and sometimes 4. Still, even with them results are highly varied; while EN may have some blame to bear here I'm often biased towards blaming the dysfunction of the source technology.
  15. How about removing the full screen splash screen when taking photo of business card? Honestly this issue is more about being greedy by 'littering' the GUI with unnecessary clutter, when one if already 'paying to play'. It doesn't really effect my workflow. However blocking my path to acquiring an image of a business card until I interact with 'sales and marketing' is literally an attack on my productivity defeating the foremost advantage of your product, extremely fast acquisition and recall of data.