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  1. Gear64

    How do I take pictures of whiteboards?

    Confirmed I can do this in android and windows as well. Each client navigates a little differently. In Windows I initially didn't think possible, but its a subset of annotate.
  2. Gear64

    How to web clip from Email

    What do you mean Evernote cannot be cloned in Android? The only workaround I know off hand if windows client is option, is save email as file to import folder. Not positive that's a Basic feature, would also need to keep eye on upload limits. Unfortunately Plus was disbanded, I thought it was well worth the cost for exactly your use case, plus it increased upload limit and note size.
  3. Gear64

    How do I take pictures of whiteboards?

    Likely too far from whiteboard. I've only done a few times while using OneNote, actually I believe Lens which saves to OneNote, but was relatively close in those cases as well. Regarding the edits I can do a general crop in the iPhone app. If you tap the photo in EN note, you'll see an 'a' with circle around it. Tap that symbol. At top there are three ellipses. Tapping those give you a few editing tools one of which is crop.
  4. Gear64


    Great suggestions, these may just get me to being comfortable with a new level of sensitivity in what I choose to store.
  5. Gear64

    Can´t save notes in the web version

    I'm pretty sure I've seen that before. Never really pursued a resolution, it was infrequent. However due to several infrequent types of nuisances I've migrated away from web client, except in a pinch which hasn't occurred in a long while. I'm very happy with Windows desktop, iPhone, and Android clients.
  6. Gear64

    optimize tagging notes

    When working in a specific context for a period of time, I'll often create a collection notebook. When I'm done with collection; days, weeks, months later then I select them all and mass tag.
  7. I can't speak to how it used to be, and I don't work on a team. Evernote is my personal tool. Employer uses OneNote. I share when I need to share using work tools at work, but I hate OneNote for anything but sharing. Even if it's work related, but not shared it goes in Evernote. As of last time I used them a little over a year ago, OneNote mobile apps were a joke, they don't even compare to Evernote. The mobile apps and cross platform (I use 4), is what sold me on Evernote. I thought just about every major competitor had an import for enex if you're determined. Just saying from fresh eyes, it may not be what it used to be, but better than anything I've used previously; just picking on OneNote a little since it often appears to be the easy answer for MS users. For me some type of Linux support is essential.
  8. What's the point of having a location field that is not easily searchable? I've read there was once a feature called Atlas. It seems Evernote was ahead of it's time, then jumped ship prematurely. In my industry tracking assets and performance data by map is all the rage. If not providing something as cool as what Atlas seemed to be, at least have a mechanism to search the location in plain text as it appears in note header.
  9. Gear64

    Why nested tags?

    Thanks for the replies. My initial assumption when I first started using them was typing parent in note or search would expose children as choices for a <parent.child> tag. However in hindsight I can see how that could create redesign chaos. Based on replies and researching further it seems the main benefit to nesting tags is standardization. It's a process to work through that hopefully results in a well thought out, well defined, standardized tagging framework. I can see benefit to that even while trying to remain tag sparse as a primary strategy.
  10. Gear64

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    Agreed. Like many others I'm locked into MS at work, but at home I'm mostly Linux. The only drawback to Evernote for me is no native Linux app, however the web client suffices when necessary, but I find the android app for my tablet and ios app to be more than sufficient; which is more than I can say for OneNote. I get a kick out of people saying onenote is free; it's fries with everything else you're paying a fortune to use. The thing that drove me to Linux many years ago was not being able to replace an OEM windows OS at no cost on a hard drive failure. Sure I could have had a backup (I did of data), but I didn't, still I wasn't paying twice. Years later, most of my home systems have been someone else's cast offs re-imaged with Linux.
  11. Gear64

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    I totally agree. Former OneNote user, my experience may be dated now, but OneNote never worked for me. Also, it may be a personal paradigm preference thing, but the free from nature of Evernote is what blows OneNote away for me. Searching isn't in the same league. At the time I was using OneNote mobile apps were useless.
  12. Gear64

    Search for numerical content in the title

    I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but does your title typically coincide with created date? This is very easy with createdate search syntax. I can flesh out if interested. I sometimes put datestamps in title for visual recognition, but all my searches use createddate.
  13. I fail to follow the works here doesn't work there claims. I use IOS, Android, Windows, Web (less so lately, kind of buggy). I almost never look look at a tag list in my daily work flow, I just start typing where I want to add one, or go to the general tag view and use the search window and type ahead finds what I want. My critical ones are prefixed such that I don't have to worry about case, plural, past tense etc
  14. Gear64

    Search selecting article without keyword

    This is how it works for me. Ctrl F opens a separate search dialog at bottom of pdf viewer, similar to any pdf reader. That dialog seems independent of the 'master search', for instance it may be empty, or contain words from the last time searching inside a different pdf. You would have to re-enter Oklahoma there. If there's something different I haven't found it yet. Just noticed with my taskbar auto hide, if task bar up may hide the search dialog I described.
  15. Gear64

    Why nested tags?

    Thanks. I'll try to use it wisely:)