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what is note with ?EN_ATTACHMENT?

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On Mac when forwarding files from FINDER to EN , EN creates 2 notes for each file.  1note EN creates without file attached has ?EN_ATTACHMENT" in title. the other note created actually contain the attached forwarded file. Can I delete these EN created empty notes with the "EN_ATTACHEMNT" 

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On 2017-10-02 at 8:03 AM, honora said:

On Mac when forwarding files from FINDER to EN

How are you "forwarding"; its more of a mail function
My process is to drag the file to the Evernote icon, or an import folder

I've moved the discussion to the Mac forum

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I have the same problem. When I use the share button in Finder/Safari/Preview, I end up with 2 notes in Evernote. One with the title of the item and a line of text in it, and the other is the actual note.

RCS-STL 2017 September

This only started after I upgraded to 10.13.

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I wanted to point your attention on this problem again. I have the same problem on my Macs. Is there a fix for this? 

To reproduce: Use the sharing function of any other app and share the document with Evernote, then you get two new notes: one with the document attached, the other one containes the document's file name as well es "�EN_ATTACHMENT�".

This is very annoying. Could you fix this please?

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I have this same problem.  Anyone figured how to fix it?  Which operating systems is this appearing on?  I have El Capitan (10.12).  Does it make a difference if you download from evernote's website or the app store?  I can't remember which one I did to install.  Is there a way to tell?  

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yup.  �EN_ATTACHMENT� still happens when sharing a file from a macOS app > Evernote. example: Voice Memos app > Evernote creates a note with the audio clip attached, and a second note with the same name but with only this artifact  �EN_ATTACHMENT� in the note body


  System Version: macOS 10.14 (18A391)

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I just subscribed to Evernote using Mac, and I have this issue.  I was using the Evernote menu bar tool to take screenshots and notes from an online class, and all the screenshots were replaced with "�EN_ATTACHMENT�" .  

It seems I've lost hours of work from this issue, please reach out and help me!

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