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  1. When is the next update? Hopefully the above mentioned issues will be fixed...
  2. Of course... Delete button ... how could I forget? Also, when I annotate, why is the "show annotation summary" checked by default? Just another "click" ... Why? Why? toolbar customization... isn't that a concept from 1994 Windows ???? I wonder if it still exists...
  3. Annotate as pdf Annotate image email a copy reminder share
  4. Thanks, but your Evernote update is 7.5 ????

  5. I updated my system to Mohave 10.14 and the latest evernote update... now it seems to be making my whole system freeze! Even not giving me the option to "force quit"...
  6. Another thing... In case anyone is listening... I use "annotations" a lot... a huge part of my workflow... Take a snapshot/picture/note... then annotate it and save it to the appropriate notebook/share/email... Annotation is now a 3-4 step process!!! could be one click. I don't really need the annotation summary! Not sure if anyone does (not doing legal document review in evernote)... it should be an option rather than default. I know evernote would want to discourage sharing notes via email and have everyone get evernote instead... but unfortunately it doesn't work that way.. they actually get the emails and then ask how I did "that"... ...already considering alternatives here...
  7. I use the top right-hand corner a lot to annotate various files... now it is a two-step process and the share button is huge. This is just making the workflow worse and I absolutely do not like this. I also don't understand the logic behind this. On the other hand, there should be a button that allows to share the note via email... right now, it is hidden and is a two step process...
  8. Hello everyone, I am new to this but have been using evernote for a few months now and now it has become a major part of my personal and work life. I just want to report a bug that I would have thought would be obvious and would have been fixed by now.. but apparently has not been address. When I use the evernote icon to on the menu bar to "clip" rectangle or window, it disables my dock (when it is set to automatically hide). Then I need to use terminal to "restart" dock. I am not sure if this occurs every time after the first event but definitely the first time around when I use it. I have tried it on two different MacBooks (both running yosemite) and this happens pretty much every time. I hope you guys address it soon enough. Thank you V. Gupta
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