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  1. What are the things to think about in an "Evernote Exit plan"
  2. also, still does not offer the option to install helper only on login (without opening the full Evernote app).
  3. I, too want the helper in my login items, don't need the full app running every time I start my computer.
  4. here's a post in a similar thread with screenshots of the old version, so you can see what has changed:
  5. also noted that the menu bar icon disappears whenever I close Evernote. not able to clip without opening Evernote - Boo. I want a way to keep the Evernote Helper active, even when Evernote is closed. I've searched, can't find any of the following preferences anymore (clipped from my other computer that still has 7.14): also all of these preferences from 7.14: are not findable in 10.5.7 the only thing under preferences in 10.5.7 is a toggle whether or not to save data at LogOut.
  6. plus one to get Evernote to create the collapsing outlines feature. really need it to navigate notes on a project, quickly go to the part of the project I am in and get the details ONLY on the section I want. I had to start using Microsoft OneNote to get this feature. Would really like Evernote to handle all the notes I take. I would prefer to use Evernote over Microsoft OneNote if only it had the collapsible outline feature!
  7. I've had the error intermittently, too, more often with PDF files.
  8. I would like to be able to change the reminder date on multiple notes at once. Is that possible?
  9. some of the suggestions mentioned above now no longer work. Wonder if something changed with apple mail? Anyone successfully using links to e-mail with recent mac OS updates?
  10. now even dragging it into the note does not work. when manually adding the link, how do you generate the URL for the e-mail?
  11. I use the reminders a LOT - as a task management system. I update the reminders by completing, or postponing many note reminders per day. an extra click so many times every day is a BIG deal. The other item moved to the submenu that I like is having the clickable URL for the source page available. That's TWO extra clicks each time I want to use that. Why not let users choose which features are in the quick display at the top of the note, and which are relegated to a menu. Some people will like "clean" note displays, others will like all their favorite features right in front of them.
  12. I have this same problem. Anyone figured how to fix it? Which operating systems is this appearing on? I have El Capitan (10.12). Does it make a difference if you download from evernote's website or the app store? I can't remember which one I did to install. Is there a way to tell?
  13. I found the path for time machine re by doing the spotlight search, then showing all in finder (found at the bottom if you scroll all the way down), but when I find the file in time machine and restore it, evernote synchronization updates it to the latest, error-filled version, instead of keeping the original pre-error note.
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