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  1. yup. �EN_ATTACHMENT� still happens when sharing a file from a macOS app > Evernote. example: Voice Memos app > > Evernote creates a note with the audio clip attached, and a second note with the same name but with only this artifact �EN_ATTACHMENT� in the note body System Version: macOS 10.14 (18A391)
  2. Penulitmate palm protection phails. Please phix. As terrific as Evernote is, a workflow involving Penultimate neither works nor flows. For instance, Office files aren't locked into a separate notebook in Evernote. They can be edited and saved back to the same Evernote note. Penultimate drawings? Nope. What's up widdat?
  3. Yup. Same here. Longer list of previously saved searches than the window shows. Evernote Version 5.0.4 (400702) doesn't seem to have a way to save new searches either.
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