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  1. yup. �EN_ATTACHMENT� still happens when sharing a file from a macOS app > Evernote. example: Voice Memos app > > Evernote creates a note with the audio clip attached, and a second note with the same name but with only this artifact �EN_ATTACHMENT� in the note body System Version: macOS 10.14 (18A391)
  2. whoa essayists! Please get to the point. Here's my problem/question: Evernote startup can take 30 minutes. Mac OS X 10.9, Windows 7, iOS 7 Syncing is painfully slow. Searches are miserably slow. Frequent hangs. See attached graphic Total removal and reinstallation on Windows 7 and OS X machines modestly improves performance for ≤ 48 hours before Evernote resumes sluggishness. Monthly usage is 240 MB. 85% PDFs, photos 3 shared notebooks 100+ tags What's the fix? Thanks
  3. Penulitmate palm protection phails. Please phix. As terrific as Evernote is, a workflow involving Penultimate neither works nor flows. For instance, Office files aren't locked into a separate notebook in Evernote. They can be edited and saved back to the same Evernote note. Penultimate drawings? Nope. What's up widdat?
  4. Same here. Problem is most noticeable when launching Evernote by dragging a file Evernote's dock icon. Unlike prior versions, that reliably launched Evernote and displayed the attached file in the newly created note, Evernote Version 5.0.4 (400702) doesn't do it. Usually an "Unamed File Attachment" image appears. See first screen shot. Sometimes the attachment eventually appears in the note a few minutes afterward. More often, the "Unamed File Attachment" image and the attachment disappears altogether. See second screen shot. Dragging files to a note that's already open seems to still work OK. See third screen shot.
  5. Yup. Same here. Longer list of previously saved searches than the window shows. Evernote Version 5.0.4 (400702) doesn't seem to have a way to save new searches either.
  6. Launching Evernote Mac client Version 2.0 (116546) occurs very slowly on both MacBook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 duo w/4 GB memory) and Mac Mini (1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo w/2 GB memory). Also; Notebooks, Tags, and Saved Searches lists often don't appear in the sidebar at all, disappear when clicking a disclosure arrow of another section, and / or load only when a section remains selected for what seems like a long period [15 seconds+]. Is this sluggish behavior due to anything I can adjust here on my end?
  7. The attrValue is a required value error interrupts syncing of the Mac client Version 1.10.0 (91023). See screen shot Notes were syncing OK this morning. At about 11 AM EST one of my Macs on the LAN began failing to sync. At about the same time a PC (Win XP client version 3.5.5) on my LAN displayed a sync error that it said was related to the network or server. Also at about the same time I had created a new notebook on my PC and moved 56 notes to it from my main notebook. Only 40 of those notes eventually synced to the Macs. Several hours later 3 more notes from the new notebook synced to one Mac. No notes have synced to a second Mac in the hours since the attrValue began appearing. Since then, the PC client continues to sync. All notes in both notebooks appear in the web client, and in both iPhone and iPad clients. Hope this detail is helpful fixing this problem.
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