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  1. Same here, mainly happens when I export from Spark mail to Evernote. very annoying.
  2. I’m Evernote user for many many years and I think the article is not completely false. No one is going to tell me that Evernote as company is doing well. The lack of new features is killing. Some say that they only want a stable product, but the majority of the users wants a stable product and new feature. I didn’t see much progress in the last years. And if there was something new it was only for business users. There is so much to improve...but this product stands stil. Next the changes in leadership over the last year and the way how they failed to communicate changed in policy, business model etc. (See the pricing and privacy communication mistakes) I’m still with Evernote but looking around for alternatives, unfortunately most of them are not good enough. But I’m sure there will be soon. I honestly hope that they will be acquired by a another company with vision and money to save this product.
  3. Is there only one developer working on Evernote? I was glad to see that we finally got a new major version.....at the end it is disappointing. this had to be version 6.* not 7. The lack of development and new features is frustrating, while it is product with so many potentials. Calling this version 7 is ridiculous and doesn't hide the Evernote's biggest problem....there isn't any progress in the product anymore. Or do I misunderstand the Evernote product releases and update strategy?
  4. I'm unable to login to Evernote with Skitch running on IOS10. When I enter my username and password it is asking as expected for the extra security code from the Authenticator app or SMS, however Skitch is crashing when I try to enter the code. To get the authentication code I need to open first an external app, next I return to skitch to enter the code, however as soon I try to enter it in the box it crashes. Is there a workaround without disabling 2FA?
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