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4 hours ago, GiacomoLaw said:

Sorry! :( 

No problem. It's great that you want to foster better communications among Evernote users, but bumping posts isn't really necessary here -- the forum highlights posts that users haven't read yet, so people will see them, and if interested, will respond. Bumping doesn't really add to the conversation. 

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Hi.  This is a discusion about a private Slack group that was set up last year.  After a brief delve into it (using the Slack app) I haven't actualy looked since - don't know if t is still active.  Evernote doesn't have a native Slack integration,  though you could discuss a shared note content in a private link in Slack and copy/ paste changes when necessary.  There are various integration options with apps like IFTTT that can carry out limited actions with other software - did you have any specific use case in mind?

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Hi again - conversations,  obviously in Slack;  I just use it for that.  While you can share files in Slack,  and Evernote notes can be exported to files,  one of you would have to be the owner and manager of a 'master' notebook containing all the files.  If you're looking at a shared library situation it may be better to use a Google Drive account for the files.  You (and anyone else using Evernote) can still link to those files using Evernote's Google Drive integration.  Anyone can view the files if they have permission to see that folder in Google.

How to attach Google Drive files to notes

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I would like also to get my evernote notes displayed in slack channel.

Slack is used in my company and I am currently using the IFTTT integration however the format of the note is not really good when it comes into Slack.

Is there a better way ?

My goal here is to be able to put different kind of note to integrate them based on the tag to different channels.

Type of note would be :

- Book reviews 

- WebConference minutes

- Minutes of meeting for projects.

- ....

I am using the applet proposed for one tag to one channel but it can not be configured for other

so I am making it manually for the other tag I have joined the configuration of the recipe.

Is there a better way to get all the EN format correctly in Slack ?











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I have a bunch of Evernote notebooks that send a notification to a specific Slack channel when a new note is created. I set this up using IFTTT however the services fails constantly making it pretty much useless. I'm trialling a free version of Zapier which appears to be working perfectly (and is more customisable) however it costs US$20. :-(

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