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  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! This issue has still not been fixed!?!?!!!!! Has anyone known of these forums actually promoting a positive response from Evernote, or any response for that matter? Or is this platform a way of Evernote fobbing off its paying customers off, due to its lack of actual support? 6 pages of outraged customers and no response......Evernote doesn't give a flying F*@K about us.
  2. Is there somewhere to post this that is more likely to be taken seriously? Do the EN people even look at this? like @jrzap said, I'm baffled that they just updated but didn't fix this. Surely the EN user community are hacked off about this, no?
  3. Unbelievable update. What on earth are they thinking. Removing a key feature completely rather than just giving it as an option. The mind truly boggles. I'm in the early stages of using this app, so seriously considering moving over to one of the other options. Any recommendations?
  4. Ok, thanks for the advise. I was hoping to use it on a project. To have project conversations and docs / lists etc in the same place
  5. Hey Guys, Neewbie here. How do i integrate EN with Slack? Cheers, Joel
  6. The only way I've found around this issue, is to click on private, then click on shared and finally click on private again before applying. Convoluted I know, but seems to work (not ideal)
  7. Hi, and thanks for getting back to me. 2015 Macbookpro - OS X el capitan - Latest evernote (downloaded this month) I create a new notebook by clicking on the notebook tab in the left hand side bar, then clicking on the + notebook tab in top left. Best, Joel
  8. Hi everyone, Every time I create a new notebook it automatically shares it with girlfriend, even though I choose "private" when creating. This means I have to into the share options and change it from public to private every time I make a note if I dont want it shared with my GF. Thats frustrating enough, but she also get an email saying ive shared when i havnt. Its very confusing and irritating Ive tried to find a setting that deals with this, but with no joy. I dont recall ever choosing the option TBH. Has anyone had similar and able to help me out? Thanks in advance!! Best Joel
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