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Marxico - The Missing Markdown Editor for Evernote


Marxico is a delicate Markdown editor for Evernote. With reliable storage and sync powered by Evernote, Marxico offers greate writing experience.

  • Versatile - supporting code highlight & LaTex, inserting images by all means.
  • Exquisite - neat but powerful editor, featuring offline docs, shortcuts, live preview
  • Sophisticated - deeply integrated with Evernote, supporting notebook & tags, two-way bind editing.

Visit the website http://marxi.co , or download the offline Chrome App!







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On 2017/7/21 at 7:32 PM, Ghost9 said:

No updates for a very long time. Is project alive? Missing full-text search and document grouping.

I'm still working on the new version. I'm afraid full-text search would be hard. Have you tried @(demo notebook)[tag1,tag2] to group documents?


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On 2017/8/3 at 6:20 AM, TattedTech said:

@gock This app is awesome. I have been looking for something like this. My only issue is the spacing of the code blocks when they render into Evernote. Is there any way to get rid of the extra space? View link for example


@TattedTech This is a bug introduced by latest Evernote client. It should look fine on the Evernote Web. I'll try to fix this.

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@gock Great! I just verified that it is correct on the web.

To really take this app to the next level, have you considered making it an atom/sublime package? It would lessen your need to maintain the client and the increased integration will help pull in more of the market.

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