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  1. Please add OneDrive support. That would be amazing (And only).
  2. @PHC, I think it can only be done in Chrome which has built in PDF printer (Or if the user installed on of those Virtual PDF Printers Drivers). Anyhow, Evernote should create PDF exporting feature on their own.
  3. @gock, Thanks it seems to be working now. Do you think you can add Google Drive integration with real time collaboration? Thanks.
  4. Tried different times, computers, etc... Same result: What's wrong?
  5. Hi, It looks great. I could save notes to Evernote from marxi.co, yet when I click in the Evernote Web App on the red ribbon to edit the note I get 404 error instead of opening the note in marxi.co Why is that?
  6. Hi, I'm using the Web UI (Using Chrome). I don't have a premium account. Right click only opens the regular browser menu. Other options? Thank You.
  7. Hello, Is there a way to export a note I created by Clipping an Article? I want it to be exported as one long PDF. Thank You.
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