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  1. I really can't believe how many years have passed without supporting Markdown. For what it is worth, I am now using Atom.io with the Ever Notedown package. Although it is a little wonky at times, it is the best I have seen so far.
  2. frogwell, This is genius! I love it. Quick question: How/Where do you define your default notebook? Thanks for the huge contribution to the Evernote and Atom community.
  3. Gock, Would it be possible for you to add support for embedding Mind Maps, perhaps using MarkMap?
  4. @derdee - Have you considered http://postach.io ? It is a nice Evernote integrated blogging platform.
  5. I went ahead and bought it. I love the product, and believe Gock deserve compensation. But I will say this... compared to say, Byword ($6 and syncs one way to evernote)... $30 YEARLY is a bit steep.
  6. I found it, and purchased. http://marxi.co/purchase.html I had to open the http://marxi.co in a new browser... maybe the old page is cached?
  7. Hey Gock, I cannot thank you enough for creating Marxico... my Evernote usage has doubled as a result of being able to direct input markdown. Too bad Evernote does not do the DevCup anymore - you would have had a big winner with Marxico. I read hyp0xia's comment, and was wondering if it is possible to modify the CSS? that is used to output to Evernote? Also, any plans for a ios app? Thanks again for the great work, I look forward to seeing more!
  8. Yeah, New Document shortcode works again! Brilliant work here Gock, just a brilliant app!
  9. Ah, got it. Thanks! Somehow I lost my App Launcher. But found the Google Help page to bring it back: If you don’t see App Launcher in your Taskbar (Windows) or your Dock (Mac), here’s how you can get it back: WindowsClick the Start menu. Select All programs. Select Google Chrome. Right-click the App Launcher. Click Pin to Taskbar. MacGo to Finder and type "App Launcher" in the search box. You can also use the Spotlight search box at the top right of your screen. Drag the App Launcher icon to your Dock. LinuxSearch your computer for "Chrome App Launcher." Pin it to your system's launcher or panel for easy access.
  10. Hey Gock, I really like your concept. Help me out, I am a bit confused... how do you launch the Chrome extension version of the app? Thanks!
  11. I have to agree with everyone here. I started using the old beta version of Skitch, and willingly paid for the premium version. I'm also a raving Evernote Premium user. Frankly, I thought this would be a product marriage made in heaven... On the contrary, this new version of Skitch reminds me of when you see two extremely attractive celebrates spawn unusually ugly children. I am shocked, and dismayed every time I do a screen grab. Although I could list all the things wrong with this product... it would be quicker and more satisfying to simply delete it and/or downgrade. In my humble opinion, Evernote users (especially premium users) continuously take huge leap of faith in Evernote and the potential longevity of our relationship with the brand and service. After all, we are trusting you with our priceless data, memories and more. And yet, Evernote chooses not to listen to its most loyal user base. The forums are scattered with feature requests that go unanswered or even recognized. There are features true Evernote users have been begging for month and even years. Your customers are practically begging you to have a longterm relationship... a reason to keep paying those annual premiums. In the meantime, Evernote focuses on... $30 Moleskins? That's a great idea if we have nothing on time on our hands... but come on - I have 6 apps on my iPhone to fill in the gaps left by the official iOS app. Evernote, we are fans... passionate ones, but give use a little more to work with here - check in once and awhile and get our opinion. Who know - you might be shock at what you will learn BEFORE releasing a half baked product.
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