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  1. derdree: may I ask what platform are you using for your blog?
  2. hey gock, I have a question - how to work effectively in a shared notebook? I shared a notebook with my friend, and he can't : 1. open them in maxico (no access when clicking on the note link) 2. add new notes to that notebook
  3. Found it now! http://marxi.co/purchase.html Paid :-)
  4. Thanks gock, I appreciate it! Could I somehow solve it with custom CSS for now?
  5. Hi gock, again - amazing piece of software. I have this little issue - in a sequence diagram, such as this: A->B: Hello manB->C: Hi dudeA->C: This is so great The text in the third line does not have a white background that hides the line. If you put the same in http://bramp.github.io/js-sequence-diagrams/ it looks ok.
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