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  1. Hi everyone, @gock thanks for this. It looks and works great for markdown. I wonder is there similar WYSIWYG for Evernote xml or HTML that can seamlessly work with Evernote? 10q
  2. ewoks

    Feature Request: Markdown Support

    How you edit these two in an easy way in Evernote?
  3. ewoks

    Getting Started with Evernote Basic, Plus & Premium (Mac)


    it is not scheduled for 9th of March?
  4. Hi everybody, what you think about editing of notes saved by WebClipper? Do we need better formatter or more options to adjust small/big mistakes that Clipper makes? Do you need more possibilities to change clipped background or something similar? Please write your opinions and suggestions here
  5. ewoks

    Getting Started With Spaces


    Hi -Shane, where we can find recordings of previous webinars? Thanks
  6. ewoks

    Resize table columns

    wow... why this feature is so hidden? is this documented somewhere? something like tutorial or blog post? Never saw "Match Note Width" option OR menu before... for that reason I will attach screenshot so maybe others find it helpful and does not spend few minutes trying to find it Thanks