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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the headers and footers that say "Doc NAME - Marxico - Markdown Editor for Evernote" and "http:/marxi.co" at the bottom when I save PDFs from Marxico? For paying users it seems like I should be able to turn this off (to make more professional looking reports straight from maxico), but right now it requires a multi-step approach. Am I missing anything? As always, great product and I really appreciate it. -JE
  2. Hey Gock, Again, great App. I am a happy premium user. I want to second jaydb that folders or some other file management would be a great addition. Probably the one remaining feature that makes me miss stackedit.io Another idea, would it be possible to add an option to archive all notes? (sometimes I would like to download hard copies of everything. I realize this is possible through evernote, but it would be convenient to have a way to do this through marxi.co). Thanks again, JE
  3. Yes, could someone pass along information about Marxico Pro? Would enjoy giving back to this great product.
  4. Hey Gock, I agree with @thatwebguy. I like your product a lot and would happily tip you or make a donation for making such a nice tool. Is there some way for me to do this informally until you maybe have a more formal way to make money from marxico set up? Best, jojo18
  5. Hi Enrico, I cannot figure out where the markdown is saved hidden in the note. Could you provide me some guidance on this? Thanks a ton! -John
  6. Hi gock, this is an amazing app. It really transforms evernote from a "place to hold stuff" into a place for content creation. Thank you. I will happily pay for it once it gets to that point. Two thoughts: (1) Where is the Markdown stored? I only see the html in evernote, but I want to make sure I have a future-proof way of getting back to the underlying source (specifically the latex for me). Is there / could there be some way to access the source code without marxico? If I am going to move more of my content creation into evernote through marxico, this is an unfortunate necessity for me.
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