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  1. It’s basically Apple’s ‘top sites’ feature. Also same in iOS. Go to Evernote, add site to favorites, click the url bar and see the attached.
  2. I hope this gets to Evernote's attention if enough people feel the same... Please, Evernote, could you finally, finally, finally update your favorite icon for Safari? It is ancient, see screenshot: Thank you Roman
  3. I don't agree. I used the badge to inform me of unread chats. Understand? ..and yes, the new UI is horrid. I work in UX and the slowness of the whole app now is unbearable. Keep tapping on screen and no response. UI is now not responsive.
  4. I absolutely don't understand this feature missing from the web client. Highlighting, at least in a single color, is an essential feature for annotating text.
  5. Text highlighting. Make it a priority. Please.
  6. This is the reason I only use the web interface and have to put up with the constant logging in.
  7. Thank you guys for your fast and informative responses!
  8. Hello! In order to save space on our MacBooks I would love to have an option in the OS X App to stop storing everything locally, instead access notes from the web. I think as we are moving our stuff to the cloud, we may rely less and less on local storage in the future and instead have gigabytes of data always available in the cloud. I myself only use Evernote in this way and it is the reason why I have to put up with the web interface, which although nice, logs me out each week and an app interface (just like on my iPhone & iPad) would be the preferred option. Your thoughts? Roman
  9. Happened to me, too. I inserted several tiny (100px wide images) to illustrate my point in the text. Then I opened the text in iPad and gone they were. Since I'm not a premium user, the image parts of the whole document have been erased. Is this OK?
  10. I'm also dependent on a portable solution or no-admin-rights-required version, something like dropbox installer. There the installer will first ask for system permission, if a "no" is given, it'll continue and install it with [i guess] some features disabled. But it works very well. A fully portable ZIP file would be even better. Many many people work in enterprises with no admin rights, locked down windows behind proxy servers. The only option is evernote web, which is wonderful, but not all powerful.
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