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  1. I understand you are saying that the shortcut enables you to encrypt text in the web browser. On Mac, in Safari, the shortcut does not encrypt text for me. Which environment are you using?
  2. Alright... my longer response: Firstly, no, the shortcut you mention does not work in a browser, if yes, please record the screen and let us see. Secondly, thank you for bringing back the conversation to shortcuts and evernote web. It's mind boggling that Evernote has still not done anything about it! Web interface is one of the nicest and cleanest designs of any online web based editor out there. I personally will routinely prefer to type my text in the browser, just because it's pleasant, clean, lets me concentrate without distractions.. Evernote, please implement at least the most basic keyboard shorcuts like new note, search, add tags, etc.. As for the encryption, it would be a wonderful addition to the web based version, too. For now only the desktop versions support encryption AFAIK. Greetings, Roman
  3. This, really, cannot be a serious excuse, please. Keyboard shortcuts in browsers are an established practice, e.g. Gmail, Twitter (heavily), but millions of web applications used in enterprises, and even Apple's highly conservative iCloud Web uses basic keyboard shortcuts for the most frequent actions. I suggest, besides editor shortcuts, something to create a new note, search for notes, jump betw/ sections (tags/notes). Roman
  4. It’s basically Apple’s ‘top sites’ feature. Also same in iOS. Go to Evernote, add site to favorites, click the url bar and see the attached.
  5. I hope this gets to Evernote's attention if enough people feel the same... Please, Evernote, could you finally, finally, finally update your favorite icon for Safari? It is ancient, see screenshot: Thank you Roman
  6. I don't agree. I used the badge to inform me of unread chats. Understand? ..and yes, the new UI is horrid. I work in UX and the slowness of the whole app now is unbearable. Keep tapping on screen and no response. UI is now not responsive.
  7. I absolutely don't understand this feature missing from the web client. Highlighting, at least in a single color, is an essential feature for annotating text.
  8. This is the reason I only use the web interface and have to put up with the constant logging in.
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