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  1. Archiving is one of the biggest reasons the mega users recommend tags over a heavy reliance on Notebooks, . . . .Just say-en For me, tags tend to really cut the clutter of false positives, then if your looking at your snippet by "last updated", the older things -- presumably things that would be archived are at the bottom. For GTD -- saved searches in shortcuts for "Important+Urgent", "Important+Not Urgent" etc - saved searches with "Unfinished to-do- items" will automatically Archive a note off the search when the last check box is checked
  2. awwww, no spaces after comma, worked this time for me Thanks gazumped yeah that's the way I usually do it
  3. I tried a comma between them and it only sent the first address Windows desktop
  4. Is it just me? I wonder what it would be like to be retained to market a file folder system? . . .. .. Now let's see . . . how would I go about doing that? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need a problem .. . . a problem that isn't getting answered. . . . say what? . . . you say it's been answered? . . .. . .that won't work . . .. . Let's just pretend it isn't answered . . . .. [name drop] . . . [name drop]
  5. Missb this is awesome, I think something like this could work especially well when your sharing a Notebook and there is a shared calendar with links to the appropriate dated events
  6. Ha ha ha . . . . okay, NOW we are getting somewhere. I get that your frustrated. I really do. And I get the Clueless as well. CLUELESS is my middle name and Clueless is my native state. Take a deep breath and just reflect a little bit here. We are 89 posts into this thread and BurgersNFries answered your question in Post number 2. If it were me . .. . . and I am just say-en, if it were me I would run to her and give her a big fat kiss on the cheek, a big thank you, and a big fat PLEASE forgive my cluelessness -- but that's just me . .. . . because I'm always clueless BurgersNFries
  7. Vance, No . . . . . No it's not. The pdf or photo is *referenced* inside the HTML and you can see it there but the pdf or photo is OUTSIDE and separate of the HTML document in it's original state There are all kinds of free HTML text editor programs -- Look at Sea Monkey, there are hundreds -- I don't see the problem It does that -- it exports the original photo in its native format -- JPG, PNG, whatever -- I don't see the problem
  8. The ScanSnap Evernote Edition (found in the Market Place) looks awesome but out of my price bracket too. I also use the Scansnap 1300 and it goes right into the windows desktop version of Evernote, but of course needs the Desktop or laptop. I've had it 3 years and still scanning away. After 3 years the only problems I am seeing is bundled documents that have come in the mail together -- folded together -- sometimes it tries to feed more than one page -- like 2 or 3 pages might try to go through at the same time. Those kinds of documents I have to unfold and sort of load individually o
  9. hmmmmmmm ok . . . . so it's one-to-one and you can move it right in to CloudHQ if Evernote goes bad. but as Bruce.0 has pointed out there is a VERY steep charge to do so on CloudHQ (per their price page), but you can already download exported HTML files for free that jefito just explained . . . . .. hmmmmmmmmm Why would you do that Bruce.0, Why did you pay the fee at this time if, you said yourself the price was much steeper than Evernote? Not that it matters too much, other than it helps me understand motivations and how his motivation may or may not reflect my own, but Bruce.0 says he
  10. Have you guys looked at TagSpaces? http://www.tagspaces.org/ It is basically a non-synched local only evernote system with tags and searches. I had seriously considered using this for my financial papers I want to keep private on local computer only, but for now. I prefer the I-Can-Search-All-My-Notes-At-Once approach thru evernote and just use private notebooks. I haven't tested it but TagSpaces seems awesome and for some of this people that are using evernote as a file manager only this might be something to consider, you could certainly have it set up in your dropbox folder online or G
  11. Vance . . . . seriously . . . .this is just . . . . bizarre. You are venting your frustration. . . . . ok . .. . I get that. That's your point. That's your real point. You're venting. . . . this is sort of how it comes across to me . . . . .you say, . .. "I get it. I get it. It does wonderful things, but all I want to do is drive it to the corner store to pick up milk and bread, like probably most everyone else that uses their NASA Delta III liquid hydrogen second stage Rocket. . . we now understand that its purpose is for deep space exploration and expanding the outer limits
  12. This is for other readers The ones ofi is asking for I don't think are currently avialbe -- but make sure you check out the ones that are available -- there are a LOT of Keyboard shortcuts https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168552
  13. That's your perception. It wasn't mine. I love what I have learned from the "one helper" ok, yeah . . . . I can see how that would be extremely frustrating especially since you have been using Evernote since , , , at least 22 Jul 2010 -- I mean that sincerely Edit -- I have been using evernote about the same length of time and I had never actually tried to export a sample either. So it was my first time too. I'm just not as upset with the output as you are. I don't dismiss that you might be extremely disappointed. It would suck to be that disappointed in your expectations.
  14. Lets see if I can understand what is happening here. First the fact =============== The Facts =============== 1) Evernote has been experiencing some lag issues, thsi has a lot of people concerned. Even BurgersNFries has reported, on another thread, that her windows client is lagging and she has tens of thousands of notes. 2) People are starting to get concerned. Will the Evernote Team get this fixed? Just how portable IS Evernote and how easy is it to get your files out? That's a legitimate question and one I am asking myself as I am just as concerned as the next person 3) Along
  15. The annotations options are very limited. The thinking, I'm guessing, is give Evernote uses a quick and easy way to make very quick and readable annotations -- "working files" -- sort of -- not like presentation of polished finished products. The outline mode gives the best chance of readability against all manner of possible noise of a background You didn't say what platform you are using (please do so when you ask for help, each version of EN has small differences --as much as they try to keep it the same) But I seriously doubt that a lot of effort will be put on making the annotation w
  16. Ha!, Isn't that just the way? It should default to editable and then a special key or button to lock it
  17. Not avialable in iOS -- or if it is it's not easy to find
  18. This is how I do mine (I'm an entertainer so that's our basic business) You will see there is some similarity to C6REW Basically my contacts are broken down into two categories (which are tagged as such) I have Clients (tag) and I have Prospects (tag) My Contact Template looks like this (Templates are found with the tag "Template") I don't use Notebooks at all except for a selecting what notes I want downloaded to my cell phones - Clients are perminantely on my cell phone so they are in a Notebook called Clients (only for download to phone not to find) The Template is devided into
  19. C6REW . . . . That is just AWESOME. You should post that in its own thread. I find this VERY helpful in seeing how people actually use their Evernote and already considering changes to mine . . .
  20. Okay . . .. I have been sitting on the sidelines until the right moment to add my two cents worth. I figure 6 pages into the thread is about the right point for me to jump . .. . Tags are awesome!
  21. ROFL . . . . . you were just talking to one of my personal GODS of Evernote. Gazump knows more about how to organize in Evernote than almost anyone else on here It might have been Gazump that pointed me to this website a few years back http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd It has been my bible, it was free and I *think* it was one of the sources that David Allen used before he wrote his booklet --Having said that. After 3 years of using Evernote for GTD I second Gazump said regarding methodologies. -- . .. . .. . . I know .. . .I know .. . . I didn't answer your question either.
  22. Hey Scott, I think I might know what he is talking about. I have been doing receipts in Evernote now for 3 years, and i am still not satisfied on the best way I should use it. The biggest thing Evernote does is it SAVES IT -- you can throw the paper way -- you now always have the receipt and that benifit is HUGE. But does Evernote save me any time getting my expensese together? For Receipts, Not really. Once you take the picture, you have to name it, tag it correctly (or it will just be lost in the mess) but then you have to, at some later date enter the amount in a spreadsheet
  23. For GTD I followed Ruud Hein's suggestions to the letter and found it AMAZINGLY WELL THOUGHT OUT ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd At first I didn't understand GTD and all he lingo and thought a lot of Ruud's method too much, but after reading up on what GTD was, I eventually realized Ruud's method using evernote so well thought out and I trusted there was a reason behind everything he did -- so I set it up just like his and it turns out he put amazing brain power behind this and there IS a reason for everything he has. With his saved searches he recommends, you get all your context tasks segregate
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