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  1. When will we get a version that eliminates "not responding" from happening every time I search for a note? And, no, I have not rebuilt my database (whatever that means - I should not have to be a programmer to find notes in Evernote).
  2. Hey Evernote, Removing the ability to set reminders in Evernote Web cannot be considered progress. Please restore this functionality.
  3. When using web browser on my laptop, there is a remarks field which is ideal for entering in lead content cleanly above the start of the clipped content. Adding it after clipping is a hot mess. Clipping on my smartphone is less fun because there's no field to include remarks. So the clipping goes into Evernote, then I open the note to add content, and it's a mess. Can we please have remarks added to the Clipper for Android? Pretty please? With sugar on top?
  4. Not sure how far into that conversation we should be having here on the Evernote forum, but one thing that is really important to appreciate is that the future is not beholden to the problems of today or, put another way, problems today go away when standards change tomorrow. So, for example, I'm sure there was a time when saddles were a real problem for women trying to ride side-saddle...but, if there were too few women to buy saddles, saddle makers likely did not want to devote the time to creating a new configuration for a market not large enough to make money. Then cars came along. Side saddles were no longer a problem to solve because saddles - and the horse as primary transportation - just went away. The conversation about suing an owner will not be a problem when "ownership" goes away. The world is not required to conform to the convenience of litigation. How to litigate is a problem that may likely just go away. Or, let's consider any other mass transit option where individual riders do not own them - airlines, trains, city buses and subways. When something happens there, what do we do? We sue an airline, or a rail operator. Or the city transit authority. We already live in that world, and "who do we sue" is not some sort of hindrance to the use of any of these forms of transit. I could expand further on this, but, just think about it.
  5. Cool, thx. I can see now I've been sharing content wrong! Good to know. I can now go and share properly/better.
  6. You're right, I used the wrong (internal) link. The correct (external, sharing) link is https://www.evernote.com/shard/s90/sh/d4eb08bf-ceb3-410b-b313-fe9039d17102/9fe0f9f7344d29d542773343fdcc317b And, I've confirmed that using the correct link does present the note title. If you could please confirm you can access this note, I'd appreciate your help. Thanks again. Cheers.
  7. Here's a link to a note that's in a public notebook I curate called "The Iceberg": This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift When I share it in Facebook, the image attached is what people see. This is so not cool. It does not show the title of the note, and that note title is what would helps someone clearly see the relevance of the link to whatever conversation they were engaging. It shows "Welcome back". To whom is it saying this? What if the person has never used Evernote before? It's off-putting, to say the least. Here's the thing: the link is not about Evernote. Saying "welcome back (to Evernote)" hijacks focus from the conversation to Evernote, distracts from the conversation at hand, and makes Evernote look the exact opposite of relevant. It comes across as needy, insecure, self-aggrandizing... If the note title is there, and people can see that the link is relevant to the conversation in which they are engaged, they're more inclined to click on it to read what content is at the other end. And, since I've saved this note in a published, openly-shared notebook, they should be able to read the note on a free, read-only, web-version of Evernote, without having to download and install the app, which interrupts/disrupts/distracts from the conversation flow. The easier it is to share an Evernote note with someone with no obligation, the more exposure people can have to Evernote, and the more opportunity there is for someone to interact with Evernote and discover they might want it for themselves. Please fix this.
  8. I don't know if Evernote people reply in here, but I did get the above-mentioned tweet and the below attached email from Evernote, officially. Speaking of which, the below is a response to a trouble ticket I opened. Perhaps you should create a trouble ticket yourself and continue to keep this on the front burner, lest "as soon as possible" gets lost and it never gets addressed. I would also tweet - that puts the conversation out in public, which might pressure them from a different angle.
  9. THANK YOU! And, I see what my problem was. The explanation of what the setting does is not apparent in the menu until I mouse over the words that are there. I did not remember that the explanation for the option was hidden under the mouse-over, I was looking for an option that included the fuller explanation. At any rate, many thanks.
  10. So, while browsing through settings/options, I saw this option to only load notes that appeared in the current view. Given how slow and unstable my Evernote for Windows is, I thought perhaps this might speed things up a bit. It seems, however, that it does not, because, as I scroll, it has to load notes sequentially, and it also appears that, when searching for a note, all my notes are not loaded. I'm not sure if I'm understanding things right. Regardless, now I'm looking to restore to the default, to load all notes when Evernote for Windows opens...and I can't find where to do that. It's so annoying, does anyone know what I'm talking about and can guide me to fix this?
  11. Trying to add a comment at the top of a web clipping is a mess, the formatting is almost never clean, nor does the remove formatting thing work very well. It'd be extremely helpful to include the remarks field that was/will soon again be in the Chrome Web Clipper to Web Clipper for Android. Being able to annotate/comment on a clipping in real time while the thought is fresh is very helpful and increases the usefulness of the clipping specifically, and Evernote in general.
  12. Here's what @evernotehelps had to say yesterday...
  13. I just noticed mine is missing, too. Earlier this week I found that the "Remarks" field had gone missing from Chrome Web Clipper. WTF is going on?
  14. I was going to create a new post entitled "Why does Evernote for Windows suck so much?" but found some company for my misery in this thread. I HATE having to subject myself to the dog's breakfast that is Evernote for Windows. The only reason I have it at all is there are some necessary functions that are only present in the desktop version. Otherwise, it is not enjoyable to use at all, and frankly shows poorly on the outlook of Evernote altogether. Others are even less patient than me, already giving up and seeking alternate solutions - yep, it's that excruciating a user experience that all the wonderful things that Evernote offers yet is no consolation, is not worth the cruel and unusual punishment that is the Evernote for Windows experience. What I want to know is, is Evernote going to put up or shut up? Are they going to fix the Windows experience or scrap it? I wish they'd just pick one.
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